Miss Congeniality and Other Winning Personality Types that Improve Any HOA Board

Winning Personality Types that Improve Any HOA Board

There are many types of personalities that can hinder your Homeowners Association Board. But it doesn’t take much to turn around a bad situation, as the same personalities could be your best allies. Evaluate each of your HOA board member’s personalities by seeing if they fall into any of the following categories. Then, start aligning roles and tasks based on their individual skill sets.

Here are several personality “types” that any HOA Board or Community Association should recruit in order to best serve their community:

  1. The Conductor 

Like any good maestro, this person makes your meetings easy by his/her attention to detail.   They always have an agenda, summarize discussions, and can effectively manage the rest of the board by their natural leadership abilities. The Conductor understands the practical and emotional aspects of community governance. They enjoy being of service to the association and usually serve multiple terms. Hold on to this board member! If you see signs of volunteer burn-out, nip that in the bud.

  1. The Social Butterfly

This person can be an excellent asset because he or she establishes relationships and connections very easily. A socializer knows community members and issues well, and is great at collaboration, as it fulfills the need to stay social and engaged with other people. Ask for their input! They may have the best pulse on community issues. This personality type is best suited as a community advocate, social events coordinator and influencer.

  1. The Realist

The practical and critical thinker can feel as if they suck the air out of a room. They’re the first to bring everybody back to earth. They always operate from the ground. Listen to the Realist carefully. Unlike the Skeptic, you’ll get frank conversation without emotion or doubt. Your clearest picture of an HOA matter often sits with this individual.

  1. The Skeptic

There will always be somebody with the incredulous eye – the person who manages to find every hole in the story, every angle of doubt. But rather than see the Skeptic as the burden or bottleneck, recognize and leverage their skeptical nature to improve the association’s goals. In fact, anticipate them and be ready to plug the cracks as they’re found.

  1. The Idealist

You might find yourself constantly reeling this individual in. Yet the Idealist is exactly who will hop into your corner or see the bigger picture at the moment you need it most. Consider bringing your biggest projects and ideas to this board member first. If they can see what you see, you might be right on target.

  1. The Communicator

This person is always thinking about how to be a voice to the homeowners, especially with important news from a board meeting. The Communicator loves technology and marketing and wants to apply those skills to the association’s communication efforts. Use this person’s talents by asking them to post the outcome of the meeting, run a community website, prepare email blasts or administer the Facebook page.

  1. The Comedian

Let’s face it. Serving on the Board can often be tedious work that rarely gets recognized or celebrated by the homeowners. On top of that, Board Members are unpaid volunteers who often spend hundreds of hours serving their communities in their spare time. It’s healthy to have a Comedian on the Board, someone who can effectively balance association business with an upbeat personality and a sense of humor – someone who can keep things light and in perspective for the rest of the members.

Does your HOA Board have some of these personality types? When you start putting their talents to use, you’ll be amazed at the increased effectiveness in your HOA meetings. If you are lacking some of these personality types, it may be time to start recruiting for the next HOA Board.

At Beacon Management Services, we provide all of the services necessary to operate a successful association for your community. We work with your Board of Directors to set policy and plan strategically so we can focus on the big picture. To learn more about our HOA management services, visit www.beaconmanagementservices.com/hoa-management-services.

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