Managing Condominium Associations Requires a Unique Skill Set

Condominiums have special management requirements. With expertise in all facets of building operations, staffing, technology, and life safety systems, Beacon Management devotes itself to offering comprehensive services, risk management, value, and quality. We’re adept at managing smaller properties, mixed-use developments, high-rise residential towers with large staffs, and communities with master and sub-associations.

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Make Your Life Easier with the Right Management Company. Be Sure with Beacon.

Atlanta Condominium Association Management Company

With expertise in all facets of building operations, staffing, technology and life safety systems, Beacon Property Management Services devotes itself to offering its customers comprehensive services, value and quality.

We keep your peace of mind at the top of mind.

Professional, personalized service found in smaller organizations, coupled with the extensive resources of a proven leader, make us the first choice for onsite and portfolio management.


Part of their commitment to our customers during the early phase of the startup process includes the following important steps:

With Beacon Property Management Services, as a condominium management company in Atlanta, we handle condo management a little differently than our competitors. We specifically tailor each approach to go above and beyond for their communities. We take pride in their best practices, full-service capabilities, certified staff trained to handle all concierge responsibilities. We also have over twenty years experiences. But, more importantly, Beacon Management listens. We take the time to understand your community’s unique needs and develop custom solutions that bring your vision to life.

Beacon Management can share all our successes with our Atlanta properties. Our priority is to hear about your goals and challenges. Beacon Management’s portfolio is strategic in size and permits us to provide exclusive detailed service to each of our clients.

Beacon Management Services offers condominium association management to guide condo owners in Atlanta through every step of the start-up process. Our full-service property management makes community association management easy for every HOA and COA.

Condominium association management in Atlanta includes the planning and coordination of all association meetings, site visits, enforcement of restrictions, contract supervision, collections, detailed financial and manager’s reports, maintenance and concierge services. Beacon’s standard service package also includes robust technology that allows residents to view their account ledgers and work orders, online payments and real-time downloadable financial reports.

  • Evaluation of the physical site and a written report to the Board about conditions found and proposed solutions
  • Review of the financial health of the property compared to the reserve study and any undocumented liabilities
  • Funding strategies for both operating and reserve expenses
  • Evaluation of all human resource usage and options for same
  • Evaluation of all maintenance practices, including inventory control and purchasing if, applicable

In addition to property management, Beacon provides an array of value-added property services, resources, and technology solutions including five-star concierge services.

Award-Winning Services

  • Human Resources & Payroll Services
  • Ancillary Staff Supervision
  • Accounting Services
  • Insurance Consulting
  • Project Management & Consulting

Value-Added Property Services

  • Technology Solutions
  • Building Maintenance & Janitorial Services
  • Front Desk, Access Control & Personnel

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What Is The Structure of a COA?

CC&R’s are enforced by the home owner’s association with any condominium. COA’s have the enforcement powers to collect the fees, apply the rules and regulations, or put liens on homes. Should the homeowners fall behind on fees, the COA has the power to foreclose homes. Residents who want to make an exception to the CC&Rs have to ask for permission if they want to alter the exterior appearance of their unit. For example, they must get the approval if they want to change their window coverings if the CC&Rs have rules about the appearance of the unit from the street.

If an owner breaches the CC&Rs of their homeowner’s association, it is possible that they could incur a number of severe penalties. These could include monetary fines, a suspension of onsite privileges, or, in more serious cases, the initial of a lawsuit.

What can the board expect from the COA management company?

The condo association management company does not establish any rules or regulations for a community. Their role is to implement the guidelines set by the COA. They will simply act upon the rules that the condo association management sets. The services provided by an unbiased management company ensure that the COA is working in accordance with the state and national laws that protect homeowners.

The management company is the board’s closest and most trusted business relationship. They always have the best interest of the COA top of mind and are always working to protect and increase property values in the community.

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