What Our Clients Are Saying

Lisa Drobney​

Former Land Administrator and Declarant Services Manager, Century Communities

“Excellent work by the Beacon Management team. Kudos on a well-run townhall today at Carver. Very impressive communication and actions. We appreciate you all. I will say, you have secured an excellent team in Larry and Michael Dubas. I have been nothing but impressed with their work , customer service, hands-on approach and professionalism. Thank you!”

Robert Argumosa


“Kelle Torregrossa is a wonderful addition to the Beacon Management group. She has brought energy, expertise and leadership to our new development at Timberbrook. Kelle has been successful in building the trust and confidence through her leadership skills in our community. Many improvements have been achieved since her arrival. Always helpful, always answers her phone, a real problem solver.”

Richard Austin


“Sophia is the current property manger in a community that I reside in. Words can not express how pleased I have been since Beacon Management has taken over our community. Sophia is patient, and professional her presence has completely changed the culture of the community in a positive light. The entire onsite staff has been awesome! Changing to Beacon was by far the best decision that we have made.”

Simone Mills

Sales Manager, Taylor Morrison Homes

“Christin has been instrumental in getting everything working properly with our gate clickers and the Homeowners, the Sales Team and the Construction Team has been better off for it. Christin is prompt, courteous and so friendly! She goes above and beyond and we are truly grateful for everything that she does!! THANKS CHRISTIN! YOU ROCK!”

Patti Bennett

Liberty Crossing

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the key fobs and camera at our pool. We have been wanting those for several years and most of our homeowners are so happy to have them! Thank you for all you do for us. “

Lisa Drobney

Former Land Manager for Century Communities

“It would be my pleasure to provide my experience in working with Beacon Management. We have successfully partnered with Beacon since early 2020 to manage all our community associations. At its core, community association management is a customer service-driven industry. Beacon has been able to find and hire licensed, intelligent folks who understand that building and maintaining a successful CAM industry business is centered around a willingness to serve. Typically, when I reach out through a voicemail or email, the expectation is to receive a response within 24 hours. Some issues require a quicker response; others can wait a day or sometimes even a week. The ability to prioritize based on urgency is a strength that stands out at Beacon. They have an innate ability to monitor their communications, assess the urgency and respond sometimes in minutes, if needed. That is a skill and service that is extremely lacking in the industry and much appreciated. If I have a request, they jump right on it and have an explanation, pictures and a plan of action in place very quickly. Beacon does not brag about their success, but genuinely wants to help others create their own successes. Since they took over our association management, my workload has diminished. I no longer have to continually follow up on issues or keep track of an action item list. I can trust that once they are aware of a pending issue, there is action happening behind the scenes. They do all the work, even things I would normally assume I had to do myself. I depend on the Beacon team to help keep our homeowners informed through the construction process, our assessment delinquencies low, our accounts payable and receivables up to date, and our vendors highly engaged so we can continue to focus on developing the land, building beautiful communities and selling quality homes. I have been extremely pleased with our partnership! Century Communities is a publicly-held company and the largest builder in Georgia. Our company is growing quite a bit, in fact, we are expanding into new southern markets such as Jacksonville, FL and Greenville, SC. I understand that Beacon is also interested in expanding into Greenville. This was welcome news as I would highly recommend using Beacon for community association management in other markets based on the success we have seen in Atlanta.”

Office Tenant

The Brasfield Commercial Office Building

“Wow! Jamison he snuck right by me! Must have been an easy fix – I was only gone for like 15 minutes! If this is the same guy that has been coming to assess our light bulbs, sink, etc. I would like to let you know how great he is. He’s super nice and a great worker!”

Marilyn Vallecillo

Lenox Villas

“First, I want to say that you have done a great job since the transition. I really do love how communicative you have been and all the effort you have put in to address issues! It really has been a huge change from before and I have been meaning to pay some compliments for awhile.”

Gabrielle Kahn

Townsend at Lenox Villas

“Thank you for all of your hard work since you started here!!! It has not gone unnoticed!”

Nakia Brooks

Liberty Park Reserve

“Just wanted to send a note to say thank you! I told several folks this evening, coming from someone that has sold real estate for over 13 years and over 1,000 transactions under my belt, I have NEVER heard anything negative about Beacon whereas I have heard negative about others. I can clearly see your commitment and concern for the neighborhood. I appreciate you and wanted to thank you for coming this evening and taking away from your family and evening! Thanks again, Have a great evening!”


River West Condominiums

“My friend visiting has distracted me a bit this week and I hadn’t had time to tell you what a fantastic job you did this past Tuesday night. It was a lovely event, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, beautiful weather, etc. Thank you for staying late and organizing the entire event. Not sure if I mentioned to you Terry Barrows glowing compliment, how River West is the best it’s looked in 15 years. Please extend my big thank you to Enrique and Jeremy for helping to make this a success. If I don’t see you today, have a lovely weekend with your family. See you next week.”

Tim Shannon


“I made a point to stand and thank Lisa and her staff. I said that Beacon is the fourth management company since Nancy and I moved in, and that she and her people have far exceeded the competency of any of the previous three. I’ve even retired the torch and pitchfork that I used to carry to every HOA meeting! Gave a plug to Jerrell Harris, too, for his actions toward cost-saving ideas like the LED hallway lights, new ac for the elevator room on the roof, coming LED lighting for the garage, etc. Great job!”