Closing Letters

Beacon Management Uses HomeWiseDocs for All Closing Documents

Why wait for your closing letter when you can order it online? Beacon Management uses the most prolific web-based data and document delivery system for the community association industry. You can find virtually all types of documentation at such as:

  • lender questionnaires
  • demands
  • resale disclosures
  • governing documents
  • disclosure statements
  • CC&R’s
  • and estoppels can now be delivered more effortlessly than ever before.

While cost reduction, operational efficiency and increased revenue are system requirements, has incorporated a unique database design offering clients greater control and a platform geared towards future product and services growth.

Please visit or call 866.925.5004 for customer service. Homewise Docs is available Monday-Friday 6am – 5pm PST.

How to Place an Order with HomeWiseDocs:

1. Create/Login to your account:

  • Go to our homepage
  • Click on the Sign Up tab or enter your Username and Password and login.
  • Click on the Place New Orders tab found directly after logging in.

2. Find your association: (Please refer to the Search Tips)

  • Select the Search Type.
  • Enter the address or association name.
  • Specify the transaction type as either Purchase/Sale or Refinance, and click search.
  • Click on the association name under the search results section.

3. Select your items:

  • Locate the document(s) you need and select the box to the right.
  • Click continue at the bottom of the page.

4. Complete your order:

  • Proceed and enter the buyer and seller or current homeowner information; click continue.
  • At the delivery and payment page enter the appropriate information; click continue.

5. Review and Place Order:

  • Review your order and add/remove items if necessary.
  • Click Place Order. You will receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation as well.