Why Beacon? Because We Are Better. Not Bigger.

Quite simply, Beacon Management Services believes bigger doesn’t always mean better. And, it bigger doesn’t necessarily translate into what is right for the customer.

We’ve all dealt with large companies that promise one thing and then deliver another at the customer’s expense. It’s annoying and frustrating to “get lost in the shuffle” and feel like a number when you are a paying customer looking for a certain level of service, leadership and respect.

At the end of the day, Beacon Management Services is about people. It’s our mantra. We hire the best people and then treat them right. We want to keep employees and associates for the long term. Why is this important to you? Treating employees the right way translates into happier customers and better service. We do this by good training, achievable (not overburdened) workloads, a company policy of really caring about the clients, and a congenial attitude around the office.

The real estate industry can be hard at times, especially in this challenging economic environment. We measure our performance by client retention, not by how many customers we have.

Beacon Property Management Services is built on Four Basic Principles:

  • Vision & Planning
  • Specific deliverables
  • Solid market knowledge
  • Superior systems and support capabilities

This foundation, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and long-term vision, has enabled Beacon Management Services to create exceptional real estate value for our clients today and into the future.

We Specialize. You Win.

This may sound strange coming from a real estate company, but we are not a fit for everyone. Our philosophy is that if we are not 100% confident that our services will ensure the success of your property, then we will not partner with you. It has to be a win-win for both of us. We believe this sets us apart from the all too common corporate mind-set of making as much money as possible at the customer’s expense. If your property falls within the market we service, we are confident in our ability to produce outstanding results for your Board, landlord or asset manager.

How Does Beacon Management Services Measure Success?

  1. The customer’s experience and community livability. Define for us what you want to become and we will help you get there.
  2. Cost containment without sacrificing quality living: we focus on costs savings to offset the cost of our management fee.
  3. We replace our self-interest with yours. We think like owners and boards. Our goal is to serve you selflessly. We are transparent in our dealings across the board. Want to see our payroll records for your employees? Just ask.
  4. We are best in class when it comes to financials, accounting, budget analysis and reserve study management. Our internal financial policies serve our clients and hold us to the highest possible standard.
  5. We bring many resources unavailable from other companies. Let us show you how they can help you.
  6. We measure our performance by client retention, not by how many customers we have.