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5on Google,Sep 01, 2022


Kareen is an excellent customer service representative,Not only did he give quality service he listened to my concerns. He made sure that I was able to set my account up and he emailed me an vantaca package. He has an amazing energy even over the phone.

5on Google,Aug 21, 2022

Millennial Mom Ceo (Lavada

Omg when I say SAVED THE DAY!!! Kareem Craig handled my concerns and issues with great care. I mean off the clock as well making sure I had what I needed. Such great customer service. I'm so thankful I chose Beacon. You guys really make it feel like home here. I meant to leave this last Friday. Great great job guys!

5on Google,Aug 20, 2022


Website easy to access and promptl answer to inquiries.

5on Google,Aug 19, 2022


Karene Craig was so helpful and understanding with me. He communicated in a timely matter and even responded to my emails after hours. He helped me log into my portal and walked me through everything.

5on Google,Aug 17, 2022


You see… we are new trying to get all these processes down… sometimes if you get the wrong person they might not know where to go to help you but when you get the right person like Samira Ngah … the task at hand is much easier. Thanks Samira for the help.

5on Google,Aug 04, 2022


Delightful. Kareme Craig, thankfully, my new Client Service Representative was an absolute pleasure to work with and help me through a number of requests. Honestly, surprised to have someone that would go above and beyond all expectations. Thank you. It was actually the brightest joy to my day. I appreciate all of your effort and thank you again for your time, Kareme!

5on Google,Jul 27, 2022


Ms Samira was awesome!!! She was extremely professional and polite as she guided me through submitting my ARC request!!!

0on Facebook,Jul 16, 2022


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5on Google,Jul 06, 2022


I am on the board of our community and we have had nothing but positive interaction with the Beacon team since we switched management companies several months ago. Highly recommended!

5on Google,Jul 05, 2022


Beacon does an amazing job! They are very professional and responsive. There is a reason they are one of the top management companies in Atlanta.

4on Google,Jul 02, 2022


I have experience a bit of up & down with Beacon. Mostly up hence the 4-Stars. There are always frustrations when working with management companies, but I always keep in mind that whatever my problems are with our PM, multiply that by X10 since each PM have about 10-15 properties to manage. We are in the middle of a CIP campaign and it is tough to coordinate all of the moving parts between vendors, contractors and explanations back to owners. Beacon is assisting with that coordination.

5on Google,Jun 23, 2022


Good evening! I live in the Edenwood subdivision and Brandon is the manager from my understanding. I would like to speak to his manager or supervisor at this point. My phones calls have not been returned, my emails are normally sent to someone else and they forward them to me, I was told weeks ago that he would resolve a concern in the community… still hasn’t been resolved. I’d like to speak or email someone that will take a moment to listen and then handle the concerns. Brandon obviously has something going on and isn’t the correct person to resolve my HOA concerns. Revision- The information above has been addressed. My conversation with Brandon has resolved a large majority of my concerns! He was sincere and displayed empathy during the call and allowed me to share my heart while explaining the process of how the company handles concerns like mine. While my issues will not be resolved over night, it was the communication that i desired. Being heard was the most important along with a platform to speak freely while knowing that i was heard. The lack of communication between he and I was a gross mishap that will also be reviewed on his end. I am confident that this won’t ever happen again. Brandon was kind enough to provide his direct number and we plan to keep the lines of communication open going forward. I would absolutely recommend this company on the premise of this interaction alone. Thank you

5on Google,Jun 23, 2022


I have worked with Beacon Management for years and I would like to highlight one manager in particular. Amber Collins is fantastic to work with. She really represents her communities and acts as a liaison between the board and her vendors. I highly recommend.

5on Google,Jun 20, 2022


Christian and Taj were patient and eager to help me when I tried to submit the form to HOA. As a senior, it is difficult for me to handle some technical matter. Keep up the good work! Thank you to both of you.

0on Facebook,Jun 15, 2022


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