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5on Google,Feb 09, 2022


We love working with Karolina at Tramore Square. She is very quick to respond and has been able to assist us with our concerns.

5on Google,Feb 08, 2022


This has been my first experience working with a HOA. I asked a lot of questions which were answered in a quick fashion. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I thank and appreciate the Beacon Team and ARC department !

5on Google,Feb 01, 2022


Phenomenal Customer Service, great Property Managers, as well as a very involved and accessible Executive Team. Beacon is best-in-class in Atlanta

5on Google,Jan 14, 2022


I have lot of hurdles with my committee it was really painful and tedious process to get my approval for fence but this wouldn’t be possible without Karolina she was very quick in responding and did the best in tough situations

5on Google,Jan 07, 2022


The customer service team is the best in the industry! I am unsure why there are people leaving 1-star reviews. They are probably angry that they have to pay HOA dues or violation fines. HAHA. Follow the rules and you will not have a problem. Anyways the customer service is great and management team is very responsive.

5on Google,Jan 06, 2022



5on Google,Dec 09, 2021


Karolina is very prompt to respond. Great asset to the company.

5on Google,Dec 08, 2021


Since Beacon Management Services took on our community. They communicate well to keep us informed of any changes within the community. Better than the last Management Services we had. Thank you.

5on Google,Dec 02, 2021


I recently had the opportunity to work with Brandon B. He was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Thank you Brandon for your assistance in taking care of our mutual client. -HG

5on Google,Dec 01, 2021


Karolina is the best! She listens, responds and does all she can to resolve issues.

5on BirdEye,Nov 27, 2021


My condo complex has had an ongoing issue with a damaged ceiling in the parking lot stair tower for over a year. I have called multiple times, talked to many people, and nothing was done, The property managers for our site never return calls--the same goes for the executive management. Anyway, on my last call I spoke to Karolina and told her my problem and she said she could help me. She did, and within a week the 6ft by 2ft missing ceiling section was replaced by a skilled Beacon tech. It looks great. Karolina did a wonderful job, and I thank her perfusely.

4on BirdEye,Nov 26, 2021


Give Beacon Management 5 star rating. This 5 star is especially to Karolina! She is really helpful and caring and solved my problem in a professional and efficient way. My problem is involved with a neighbor. Karolina solved the problem step by step. She first sent warnings. Then, when no effect, she called and told the neighbor what he did is not allowed and provided the solution. And this solution was accepted by the neighbor and the issue is finally solved. Really, I am impressed. Five star rating to Karolina! Also, I would like to thank 2 others there: Tosha and Avery. They are also very helpful!

5on Google,Nov 18, 2021


Karolina was a fantastic help to our company. We had a large project to work on and she kept with us and was there when we needed assistance to get through it. Very attentive and kind! Knew her stuff!

5on Google,Nov 18, 2021


Beacon manages a property I own. I needed assistance in two matters and Brandon was very professional.

5on Google,Nov 17, 2021


My questions were answered by Karolina……who is a credit to this business, making an admirable first impression with this first time visitor.. —- Gracious, professional and well informed, with punctual follow up.

5on Google,Nov 11, 2021


My Five Star rating goes strictly to one person, Karolina Pribylova! She is the ONLY person, out of 5 people a spoke to, that has gotten things done for us as homeowners! Otherwise, I would not even give them 1 star. Thank you, Karolina!!!

5on Google,Nov 11, 2021


Karolina provided excellent customer service!

5on Google,Nov 02, 2021


Queen London is the best, she had help me to set up the new account, informative, courteous, cared, and professional!!! we need more people like her in this world =). Left a message, and received a call back with in a few hours. Where other HOA does not even call back. Thank you!!!!

4on Google,Oct 22, 2021


I had an on going issue with my HOA’s landscapers. This morning I spoke with a Carolina(I hope I spelled that correctly). She promptly handle the issue and also went above and beyond… thanks so much

5on Google,Oct 20, 2021


I give Beacon Management a 5 star rating.. Today, the customer service agent Karolina assisted me with all of my many concerns and resolved them all! She was extremely caring and patient. I could not have asked for a better experience today. I will definitely seek her out again if I have any needs or concerns with Beacon Management Services.

4on Google,Jul 13, 2021


UPDATE: I have been working with Tasha and Brandon on the issues and requests and they have been great and super helpful. The issues with the neighborhood mixup really caused a lot of problems, but these two have been helpful and very responsive to everything. I bumped up the rating to 4 stars becuase of the two of them,their attentiveness, and their help to get the changes and requests pushed through. It has been a nightmare dealing with them. They put me in the wrong neighborhood when I was added. They said they fixed it and when I went in to submit the ARC request again, it went to the wrong neighborhood again. I have had to upload the request and information 4 times and still nothing. This has gone on for a month and a half. I am not convinced that they are structured and organized to deal with multiple neighborhoods. I called in again today and asked to speak with the property manager for my neighborhood and they gave me the property manager for the wrong neighborhood again after saying it was fixed for the fourth time. This organization is not organized or they are too big to care about the individuals in the neighborhoods they are supposedly managing.