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4on Google,Jul 13, 2021


UPDATE: I have been working with Tasha and Brandon on the issues and requests and they have been great and super helpful. The issues with the neighborhood mixup really caused a lot of problems, but these two have been helpful and very responsive to everything. I bumped up the rating to 4 stars becuase of the two of them,their attentiveness, and their help to get the changes and requests pushed through. It has been a nightmare dealing with them. They put me in the wrong neighborhood when I was added. They said they fixed it and when I went in to submit the ARC request again, it went to the wrong neighborhood again. I have had to upload the request and information 4 times and still nothing. This has gone on for a month and a half. I am not convinced that they are structured and organized to deal with multiple neighborhoods. I called in again today and asked to speak with the property manager for my neighborhood and they gave me the property manager for the wrong neighborhood again after saying it was fixed for the fourth time. This organization is not organized or they are too big to care about the individuals in the neighborhoods they are supposedly managing.

5on Google,Jul 08, 2021


A few months ago, our community was turned over from the builder to our newly formed Community HOA. David Johns (Community Manager) and Avrey Campbell, both of Beacon Management Services, have been exceptional when it comes to partnering with our Board to…simply put…get things done! Their professionalism, expertise in property management, and responsiveness have made the transition seamless. David and Avrey are ROCKSTARS and I truly appreciate our partnership! - TAPK HOA President

4on Google,May 30, 2021


Food was fast and consistent

5on Google,May 13, 2021


I would like to thank Gail at Beacon for always being so helpful and responsive to our needs. She is a lovely person inside & out, very professional and courteous. I would recommend her highly!

5on Google,Apr 24, 2021

Mary Beth

Beacon just started managing our HOA in our neighborhood and have already made improvements that we had been begging our previous company to do for YEARS! They’ve been incredibly responsive and professional! Thank you, all!!!

5on BirdEye,Mar 18, 2021

Victoria Bassett

3/18/ I recently sold my home in the Parkview Subdivision. I had to work with the closing department. My person of contact was Ivette Gomez. She was so kind and friendly in helping with such a smooth transaction in business, her knowledge and expertise was excellent. Beacon Management thank you for hiring such a professional to represent your company. God bless!

5on Google,Feb 25, 2021


Working with Erika has been such a delight. I recently moved into my community and was unsure on what to do. I made a call to Beacon and was directed to speak with Erika regarding my association as she helps assist. She was just a joy to speak with making sure I was welcomed to the community with kind words and sending me all new owner information. Every-time I call she always has an answer or if not makes sure to get one to provide. I’m going to enjoy living here! Thank you Erika!

3on Google,Feb 17, 2021


I am the home owner whose community hired them. They made mistakes in the accounting system. As a home owner, I paid HOA on time, the online portal shows 0 balance, but they made a mistake, did not send any notice, did not communicate with me before getting an attorney to get ready to file a lien on the falsely claimed overdue HOA payments. Even though the customer service confirmed that no overdue payment, they seem to be reluctant to withdraw the attorney letter. And guys, read the reviews from other people, and you will see I am not the only one with the similar issues. They like getting attorneys involved with collecting HOAs much more than communicating with the home owners. Update: I called the law firm Rome and associates PC they have hired, after learning that I have talked to the beacon management about it, they told me that I should not have talked to Beacon and then hang up!!!! All they care is how to get paid. Another update: The hoa manager from Beacon management finally replied, admitting that they or the collection law firm had made a mistake and apologized for the inconvenience. so to update my rating from 1 star to 3 since they have corrected this with good attitude.

4on Google,Jan 26, 2021


Working with Beacon has been a good experience for our property. Unlike the previous company, our portfolio manager is very helpful and we have seen a lot of improvement since transitioning to them a little over a year ago.

5on Google,Dec 30, 2020


Purchased my condo right as Beacon took over management of the community. Since Beacon started, our community has seen a dramatic increase in the level of service and overall management of the community. Beacon has navigated several large projects on our behalf, organized the timeline for future projects, vetted new contractors for ongoing service items (pool/landscaping, ect) to save our community money and their team is always quick to respond to community issues. Most recently, Emily Little lead an HOA meeting for our community. She was professional, knowledgable about the ongoing projects/issues in our community, and was quick to get back to me personally after the meeting. Highly recommend the team at Beacon!!

5on Google,Dec 24, 2020


Krista is doing a great job! She and her staff are very professional, friendly, and resourceful. She always responds to issues and concerns here in Ennisbrook Community in a prompt and courteous manner.

5on Google,Dec 11, 2020


Beacon Proved Me Wrong! I'm a board member of my HOA, and we recently transitioned from our previous Mgmt. Co. over to Beacon. Our previous company was far from perfect; however I was still leery about switching to Beacon. We as a board evaluated several potential companies and Beacon stood out for their commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE and their web based TECHNOLOGY. However, I have worked several years in corporate procurement, and seen vendors WOW with initial dog and pony shows only to perform poorly after winning the contract. That has not been the case with Beacon. Their team of Jeff Ellixson, Krista Brito, and Erika White has done exactly what they promised during our initial discussions and RFP process. And get this…when you call the office someone actually answers the phone! I will soon be transitioning out of my board position, but I look forward to having Beacon manage our community for years to come.

5on Google,Nov 24, 2020


Always quick to respond to our neighborhood’s needs. So much better than our previous company!!!

5on Google,Nov 19, 2020


Great and responsive! Cares for community

5on BirdEye,Nov 19, 2020


I recently had an issue with a Bill Pay services payment from my bank that went to the PO Box address for Beacon. I contacted Yvonne Reyes, who immediately called me back and suggested that I call customer support. I will be honest and say up-front that I have not had the best experience in the past with customer support. Today, my opinion changed and to make a long story short, I would like to give Erika White a five-star kudos for her professionalism, thoroughness, sense of humor, and follow-up on all of my concerns. What started off as one concern, turned into four and Erika resolved each one, one at a time. She did not rush me through any of them; she listened to my concerns and provided answers that made sense, and she followed-up with an email to make sure all of my account info was correct. Thank you Erika for being a shining light in this Beacon of Management Services. Thank you also Yvonne for being the most thorough and consistent HOA manager I have had since I made Oakland Downs my home in 2013.

5on Google,Nov 19, 2020


Extremely support of all the extra events that we want to host for the neighborhood.

5on Google,Nov 11, 2020


They always stay on top of things!

5on Google,Nov 11, 2020


Beacon has been great for my community, holding neighbors accountable and ensuring that our neighborhood stays pristine as it should be. We have remained the envy of the county with the help of Beacon’s services.

5on Google,Nov 11, 2020


Best costumer service around. Can count on them to be reliable always!

5on Google,Oct 27, 2020


Our community has been with Beacon management for many years. Steve's management team supported us through the developer handover and have been very responsive to our requests. Kim Coomer our property manage works closely with the board and all our vendors and is quick to respond to requests, queries and problems that arise within the community.