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0on BirdEye,Jul 10, 2018


Beacon Management Services is great!

5on Google,Jul 02, 2018


BMS made my renting experience smooth, efficient, and accomodating! Good property managers are really hard to come by. Even though she does not handle HOA work, Kim graciously helped me with my questions, and offered me advice for how to handle the problems we are facing with a small HOA. She also referred me to Dominique the maintenance guy who will be able to manage the aspects of the property where we need the most help. Rarely do you have a professional offer you free advice these days, and Kim took over 20 minutes of unbillable time to do so, and even followed up with me afterwards. Much appreciated! The job sounds simple - find tenants, collect rent, answer repair calls, etc, but it's much more complicated than that. In fact, very few property managers do it right. She has found great tenants who always paid on time, took good care of my property, stayed much longer than their initial leases, and made sure any repairs or tenant needs were taken care of the right way and in a timely fashion. Thank you, Kim for taking such good care of our property and tenants If I happen to move down into the area again, I won't hesitate to contact her after the quality experience I had and professionalism that she displayed during my tenancy.

5on Google,Jun 27, 2018


In my experience with Beacon, they took the time out to truly listen to ensure that all my needs where met. They seem to really care about my community. I appreciate their consistent professionalism. Keep up the great work!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Beacon Management is doing a great job with our condo property. Financials are in better shape than they have ever been since they took over two years ago. We have made improvements to the property, completely refaced the exterior of the building that was leaking, and other deferred maintenance items.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Best reliable well sourced accounting of all financials I have EVER seen at The River West. Huge thanks to Beacon’s accounting technology and expertise, Burnell, Orlando and the BOD team.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Thank you, Kim and Beacon Management. I do appreciate that you hear all the complaints - and, would like to say that you are doing a great job with keeping the order at Camden Pond. I recognize that it seems like a "thankless" job but I do appreciate you!! Thanks again!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


If I could give Beacon Management Services more than 5 stars, I would. Emily is incredible. We've used her as our property manager for about a year, and from the beginning, she has been professional, courteous and available. She did an amazing job of marketing and showing our condo in Decatur to quickly secure great tenants. Since then, she's provided regular updates as needed and has established an amazing rapport with our tenants and the other units in the building. On top of being very responsive, and easy to talk to--she's on top of his game with knowledge about the rental market. Recently, there were some plumbing issues that required a great deal of his time and energy. Emily didn't even blink - she just took care of it. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a great job Christin and Jeff have done this week. Christin has worked very diligently in getting things updated on our website and quickly answering questions and requests. Jeff rearranged his schedule the evening before to meet with me yesterday morning after the weather messed up our last week’s meeting. Please pass on the compliments to them!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


THANK YOU MARK!!! You've been so great to work with and so responsive. We know you faced an uphill battle because you inherited a mess from the prior management company. We couldn't have gone through this without you and the team at Beacon Management!!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Beacon Management Leadership, I just want to thank you for assigning Emily Little to our Community. She jumped in immediately and is doing a fantastic job in what I consider a very difficult situation. She makes herself available to the Board, presents good ideas and communicates often, quickly and effectively with the community. I love working with her.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your time last week during our HOA community meeting. Lots of great information. We are really appreciative of all you are willing to help us accomplish and your time. I know you receive many, many emails of troubles and problems from our neighborhood but I just wanted to throw some positivity your way.

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


I live in Taylor Morrison community in Atlanta. We've been very pleased with their property management company, Beacon Management Services and would highly recommend them to another HOA. I especially appreciate working with Lisa and Gail.

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


Thanks Beacon for taking over River West Condominiums from the prior company. Burnell Jordan and his team are great to work with - very responsive and quick to answer calls.

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


I am very happy that Beacon Management took the time to answer my financial questions. As a recently appointed Board member, I have never been accustomed to working with GAAP standard accounting until Brian Gay took the time to explain the differences. Very helpful!

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


We are so impressed with Christin Greshem at Beacon Management Services. She is so polite and easy to work with on the phone. I moved into Barrington Estates from out of state, and she was very helpful in getting my account set up correctly. We received the pool key within two days – great service!

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


ZeeAnn communicates quickly to our requests. She’s been the manager at Washington condos for several months, and you can already tell a difference in the level of quality. The previous management company literally ran the property into the ground so she inherited a mess. We can’t say enough good things about Beacon and their team.

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


I want to let you know how happy we are that you are managing Vinings Main Condominiums! Gina and Randy make a GREAT team, and I’m happy you added Tres at the concierge desk. The team atmosphere and cordial staff have really improved since Beacon took over last year. Thank you for all the hard work!

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


Glad to know Mark and Jeff are working with our new Board of Directors. I've lived at Franklin Park for 4 years, and we've seen a lot of instability on the board. We needed very strong management to help them operate the community the way it should be.

5on Google,Jun 15, 2018


I am a long time Board member for a large HOA in Forsyth County and was tired that the Board members seemed to do all the work. It’s been stressful to worry that projects were being taken care of. We interviewed several management companies before choosing Beacon. Our issues have been: 1.) violations 2.) problem with collecting dues 3.) yard upkeep 4.) accurate financial reporting. We can say with confidence that hiring Beacon to manage our community was the best decision we ever made.