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5on Google,Jun 22, 2020


Lisa Simmons was super helpful and quick when responding to a concern about our neighborhood pool condition. So far I am pleased with the level of service and professionalism Beacon provides. Thanks again for your help Lisa!

5on Google,Jun 14, 2020


My company, Berrong Construction, has worked with Beacon on many occasions and it has always been a positive experience dealing with Beacon’s management team. I strongly recommend Beacon

5on Google,Jun 12, 2020


I just want to send a big THANKS to David Johns of the Barrington Estates HOA. We have been having trouble with our pool FOB to gain access to the pool and other amenities. David has been professional and has promptly replied to our e-mails and calls and we have appreciated it greatly. We have a 5 and 6 year old and they love the pool, so my kids also thank you for your efforts in getting our pool FOB working again. Thanks so much, David

4on Google,Jun 01, 2020


When a business displays professionalism it proves that the staff is competent and are putting their best foot forward to ensure that customer service is their top priority.

5on Google,Jun 01, 2020


Lived under Beacon Management for 5 yes. The staff is great. Nothing but positive to say

5on Google,Jun 01, 2020


I have been working with Lisa and the Beacon team for several years, and have been very impressed with their professionalism and brilliant service across all departments. David Johns is always a great communicator and pays close attention to the details of the work performed by the vendor.

5on Google,Jun 01, 2020


Great management team that cares about their communities

5on Google,May 31, 2020


"Incredible company that provides impeccable service. Staff is very informative and friendly. They certainly take pride in their work and it shows. Highly recommend this agency!

5on Google,May 31, 2020


I must say I have moved around a lot and dealt with a lot of companies and you cant go wrong with Beacon!

5on Google,May 31, 2020


Beacon Management Services provides fantastic customer service. Have been very impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness.

5on Google,May 30, 2020


I"m a resident at The Terraces at Peachtree Corner and have to give a shout out to David Johns. He is always quick and responsive to all my emails. It's been a pleasure working with him as our go-to for any HOA questions and concerns.

5on Google,May 28, 2020


David and Avrey provided outstanding customer service. They were prompt in responding to us and solved our issues in a timely and professionally manner Have no complaints at all. Keep up the awesome work!

0on Facebook,Apr 29, 2020


Beacon Management currently oversees the HOA in our new community. We've brought forth several issues over the last 6 months since moving in, and the team at Beacon has been highly responsive to them all. David Johns is always on it, and has been very timely in resolving our concerns. It's truly been a pleasure to work with them.

5on Google,Apr 29, 2020


Beacon Management currently oversees the HOA in our new community. We've brought forth several issues over the last 6 months since moving in, and the team at Beacon has been highly responsive to them all. David Johns is always on it, and has been very timely in resolving our concerns. It's truly been a pleasure to work with them.

5on Google,Mar 13, 2020


Copperleaf subdivision experienced a sink hole issue alongside the storm drainage system, Property Manager Gail took immediate action when the issue was addressed, with her extensive property management experience, she took matters with professional evaluations and expert's recommendations and restore the hole with complete 100% integrity work. I wish all the property managers are like Gail with my other properties in Atlanta.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2020


I just want to say that my experience with Beacon mgmt has been great so far. Gail Lupo has been my subdivision's point of contact and she has always been great with communications and getting my issues resolved in a timely manner.

5on Google,Jan 17, 2020


Gail has been such a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate the relationship that we’ve built over the years. Our community would probably be in shambles if it weren’t for her. I am so grateful for all of the hard work, tough phone calls, long drives, and late hours that she has put in on behalf of our community.

5on Google,Jan 15, 2020


Having a significant back round in property operations management and real estate overall, I was very concerned with the state of the community initially. Joining the board just made sense to see if my years of experience could help in some way. As a new board member and now as Vice President of the board it has been an honor to work with Beacon Management. The community staff Sophia, Brenda, and Demetrius are excellent. Having supervised hundreds of property management staff over the years, I know how important it is to have responsible and accountable staff. This community is turning around as a result of the tenacity and organization that Sophia and Brenda possess, which this place has been missing for years. Thank you Shannon Villas team and Beacon Management you are greatly appreciated!!!

4on Google,Jan 14, 2020


I have been a homeowner at Shannon Villas Condominiums for the past 26 years and I have experienced my community being managed by a few management companies as well as local management. This community was beautiful and well maintained when I first moved here and regretfully when the economic recession hit the country some years ago this property suffered under the exploitation of so-called investors. There is no question that since Beacon Management Services have been doing the management here that the place is now looking the cleanest it has looked in years and the manager Ms. Sophia and her assistant Ms. Brenda are some hard-working responsive folks. One of the reasons for the improvements in the cleanness of the property is due to the proactive management of the landscaping company by the property manager. I would say without a doubt that there is much to be desired in the quality of work and work output of the maintenance personnel and that is due to the fact that the skillsets required to do all the fixing on this large property weren't met when Beacon took over, has there been improvement? Yes, but there's still a far way to go.

5on Google,Jan 10, 2020


Beacon Management has been great to work with. David Johns is always very professional and courteous.

5on Google,Jan 09, 2020


I have been a part of this community at Shannon Villas for over 20 years and I have seen a lot of changes with management and the overall appearance of the community. I still don't know for the amount of money we pay why there are no amenities in place, this is something they really need to bring back for the home owners, other than obvious issues with any community over the years, I can say things appear to be looking brighter with this management company in place, things are getting done and resident coordinated events are nice to see within the community. I believe if things continue in this matter this place will once again be the lovely community it once was, a thriving, vibrant and beautiful community for families. Thank you for the hard work of Sophia and Brenda in the office for there continued work and dedication to turn the image of this place around and make me proud to call it home.

5on Google,Jan 09, 2020


I've done work with several of the managers at Beacon Management over the last few years. They are great to work with (David Johns, Kim Coomer, Steve Weibel, Lisa Simmons, Emily Little and the rest of the team) are all very professional in their craft! This is a good property management company!

0on Facebook,Jan 09, 2020


The Management team at Beacon is great to work with. I do quite a bit of business with several of their managers. Great organization!

5on Google,Jan 08, 2020


I lived in a Beacon managed community for over 6 years and loved it! Great, professional staff!!

5on Google,Jan 08, 2020


I personally have known Kim Coomer of Beacon Management for almost 5 years. Kim Coomer is an excellent manager to work with, she takes great care of her vendors and clients. When it comes to property management, Beacon Management and elite managers like Kim Coomer are leading the way with services that are second to none.