Our view at Beacon is to leverage technology toward the goal of improving the quality of people’s lives in the properties that we manage. By using the most advanced technology in the industry, we provide more immediate service, communication and responsiveness to our customers.

For Beacon Managers

Maximizing the talents and the time of Beacon Managers for the benefit of our clients is the driving force behind the technology tools that we provide to our Community Managers. From customized, state-of-the art property management software to digital Directors Reports, we technology for the purpose of making Managers more efficient and the service to our clients more valuable. One of the ways that we stress technology is in efficient communication with homeowners. Customizable web sites with easily updated Manager messages are the backbone of Manager communication to homeowners on a daily basis. In emergencies, Mangers can uses automated mass text messaging services or automated phone messages. Quick, efficient and reliable communication – that’s what our technology delivers.

Tracking information and data is another key factor to improving Manager efficiency and service. So, our technology allows for effective tracking of package deliveries, guest lists, renter information, club house reservations, vehicle registration, and much more. In addition, as needed, the application of digital signatures from homeowners or guests can be recorded and included in our software. We invest massive resources into ensuring that Beacon’s technology is at the very front of anything offered in the industry. But we don’t pursue technology just for the sake of technology. Everything we do is with you – the client – in mind. We want to be as efficient as possible so we can offer you the very best, most effective service – while also saving you time and money.

For Beacon Customers

Beacon Management is committed to developing technology that aids Board members in reaching their goals for the community, as well as fosters an improved quality of life for these volunteers. In this regard, Beacon provides one of the most powerful tools in the industry for Board Members – the TOPS Board Portal. The Board Portal provides real time updates in several different areas: community maintenance requests, non-compliance issues, and easy download access to Board Member specific documents. This improves communication with Boards, establishes accountability, and ensures that Managers’ spend their time in line with Board expectations. It’s a great tool that helps keep everyone on the same page. As a company, we have continued to develop tools and technology to specifically benefit Board members in making them more effective in their roles for their communities. Contact your Manager today to get your Board Portal access.


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