Utilizing HOA Management Software

Our view at Beacon HOA Property Management Services in Atlanta is to leverage technology toward the goal of enhancing the quality of people’s lives in the properties that we manage. By using Vantaca – the most advanced technology in the industry – we provide immediate, real time solutions to the customers we serve.

Vantaca is the most comprehensive, single-vendor, integrated solution for the property management industry. It provides automated functionality and unparalleled flexibility, scalability and management controls. Our Vantaca HOA property management software helps Beacon Management transform data into insights about an association’s performance, cost control and more.

Establishing proactive management processes, with insightful, accurate financial analysis and reporting are integral to controlling expenses and increasing profitability. Beacon’s state of the art technology gives our managers a competitive edge by allowing them to do more in less time.

HOA Management Software For Beacon Board Members and Homeowners

Beacon Management is committed to developing technology that empowers board members and homeowners in any way possible. In this regard, Beacon provides one of the most powerful tools in the industry – the Vantaca Web Portal.

The Web Portal is a flexible and interactive community website that helps Beacon Management streamline operations and transactions between the back office and frontline staff, as well as connect with residents and tenants, unit and building owners, boards of directors and business partners.

The Web Portal provides real time information in several important areas:

  • Financial reporting
  • Tenant and owner ledger access
  • Maintenance requests
  • Amenities, parking and facility reservations
  • Parcel delivery notifications and tracking
  • Proprietary messaging system to communicate with property managers

And On Site Concierge:

  • Community news, events, local information and resources
  • Board of Directors and corporate documents and information
  • Document sharing
  • Online convenience to residents and unit owners
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Online advertising
  • Yellow pages
  • Community classifieds

Vantaca improves communication with Boards, establishes accountability. It ensures that managers, board members and homeowners have the tools they need at their fingertips!

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