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Beacon Management with MUST Ministries

As a committee member of Helping Hands for CAI-Georgia, Beacon Management was part of a team to help restore and renovate the facilities for MUST Ministries. A powerful, volunteer-driven organization, MUST addresses the basic needs of individuals, families and children with facilities in the Cobb and Cherokee counties and programs in numerous other counties. MUST brings people of many faiths together to respond to God’s challenge to minister to others with compassion and love, without judgment of the beliefs, background or circumstances of those who serve or are being served. Providing more than 78,436 safe nights of rest last year, MUST is a place to begin to recover from financial disaster, drug and/or alcohol addiction, discouragement or job loss. Between the Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing and Supportive Housing, MUST serves as a place of refuge for many in our community.

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