What Happens When you Hire Beacon Property Management Services?

Our professional team in Atlanta has encountered and dealt with virtually every facet of the real estate industry, giving us a wealth of training and tested experience that we can share with you.

Beacon Property Management Services strives to distinguish our expertise. The Homeowners Association industry has mostly been reduced to the idea of working checklists and producing reports. Many property management companies are about just pushing paper and answering phones. The problem with this is that the ultimate goal is lost when the focus is on paper and phones.

At Beacon Property Management we are always mindful of our mission: To Improve the Quality of Peoples’ Lives. If we do our jobs well, we will have a positive impact on the lives of people who live in the properties we manage. Everything we do is geared first toward the question: How does this impact the quality of life of the people we serve? Our systems and processes are all designed with that goal in mind. Our technology is structured – not to be an end in itself – but as a means to deliver a higher quality of life to the residents of our communities.

Ethics, Organization, Leadership, and Commitment

With this ultimate goal in mind, our managers display the highest levels of ethics, organization, leadership, and commitment. They are supported by exceptional assistants and clerical staff. In addition, Beacon’s Customer Service Department resolves 80% of all homeowner questions and concerns without the homeowner ever being transferred to another department. This support allows homeowner needs to be met quickly and effectively while freeing the managers to do what they do best – improve the quality of life in the communities they manage.

Offering management services throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and parts of Florida, Beacon’s continued growth is the direct result of combining the best people and ideas with the most advanced technology and systems. This success is a reflection of how Beacon values not only its clients but its staff. By offering a positive environment where highly trained and motivated individuals can take pride in their contributions and the positive impact on people’s lives, excellent property management services is guaranteed. This quality service has been rewarded again and again with exceptional client loyalty and an ever-expanding list of new clients.

Raising the bar isn’t just a tagline. It is a real agenda. A property’s culture and image of itself has to be reinforced every day, by every interaction, by every courtesy, by extending the best effort every day. Beacon Property Management sets a high standard and meet or exceed it.

We encourage a culture of inclusion by treating employees as partners. By fostering a strong sense of pride and belonging, Beacon employees become vested in the success of your property.

Managing your property can be challenging or nearly impossible on your own, and that’s where Beacon Property Management Services comes in. We’re dedicated to providing you with comprehensive community management services, so you can relax knowing that your property is well taken care of. Your HOA or COA will ultimately benefit by having the day-to-day issues that arise at properties handled quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Beacon Management also gives back to the community, taking part in non-profit sponsorships, volunteer work in the Atlanta area, and local events. Beacon views their relationship with the areas they serve as a partnership. Beacon Property Management Provide volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity house sponsored by CAI. They also collect food for the Legal Frenzy food drive which provides school lunches to children in need during the summer months. Their condominiums participate in donating to Toys for Tots every holiday season, in which everyone can deliver toys.

Beacon Property Management Services offers a host of services that help manage your community development in areas of safety and livability. As a result, Beacon Management continues to grow and to build on that promise of professional service marked by the highest ethical standards. Our services include:

  • CEO and CFO Involvement
  • Trained, experienced personnel
  • Senior level thinking
  • Back up Managers always present
  • Proactive management – recommendations made for improvements, cost savings preventative maintenance and reporting
  • Personalized service
  • CC&R consulting – legal coordination
  • Excellent record of lowering costs of Association’s insurance
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Consistent & frequent communication with Board, followed by prompt results
  • On-site inspections – thorough & comprehensive with prompt follow-up
  • Vendor Management
  • Competitive bids – maximum value to your Association
  • Comprehensive financial system – maximum accuracy, timelines of books and reports – red flag reports when applicable
  • Experienced bookkeeping department, rapid response, double checks built into the system, books balanced and reconciliations made every month
  • Separate books and bank accounts for each Association – no commingling of HOA funds
  • Detailed itemization on statements and reports
  • Accrual accounting- GAAP standard
  • More than twice a month payables – we keep your vendors happy by paying them promptly
  • Systems to prevent double payment to vendors
  • Personal office staff – there is always someone to speak with

When you work with Beacon Property Management Services we don’t want to simply meet your standards. We want to go above and beyond the needs of your property. We’re familiar with the challenges and benefits of living Atlanta, and how essential having a top tier property management helps retain residents, smoothly run HOA and COA, and offers the lifestyle busy Atlanta residents have come to expect. As we said, you can be confident that your property needs will be met and your expectations exceeded. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline the management of your property.

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