Property Management Service Consultants

Beacon Management Services Can Help Asset Managers

On many occasions, we’ve been asked to provide strategic consulting services to various stakeholders in the real estate industry:

  • For Builders, Asset Managers and Investors
  • For Boards of Directors
  • For Self-Managed Communities
  • For Properties with Construction Defects and Deferred Maintenance

Beacon Management Services provides consulting services covering all aspects of the Condominium and Homeowner Association industry. We have assisted hundreds of associations to help them solve significant financial, maintenance and operational issues. Our senior staff has the expertise and insight to help you too.

When Do HOAs and COAs Need Consulting?

Operating a Home Owners Association (HOA) or a Condominium Association (COA) can be challenging – even under the best of circumstances and conditions. HOAs are obligated to create budgets, facilitate legal documents, review insurance for proper coverage, assess dues, and maintain or repair common areas within the property, such as pools or tennis courts. Other needs that an HOA or COA may have include vendor set up, property staffing, and construction management. In some cases, asset managers are unable to handle the responsibilities alone. In these cases, an HOA or a COA may benefit from a consulting agreement with Beacon Management Services to determine how we may be of help.

How Can Beacon Management Services Advise Strategic Stakeholders?

Beacon Management Services understands the unique needs of HOA and COA stakeholders after providing consultation services in every area of property management. We offer strategic counsel supported by extensive financial, legal and property analysis. For example, we can help you better understand when deferred maintenance need to be done and the funding strategies associated with their repair. Our recommendations are based on years of experience and hundreds of associations in Georgia and California.

How Can Community Stakeholders Benefit from Property Management Service Consultants?

Stakeholders need to know how all aspects of the property’s financial condition; however, stakeholders also need to know about other matters related to operations. With consulting from an experienced property management company, data can be gathered and presented in a clear, easy to understand format so critical business decisions can be made with all information at hand.

When your HOA or COA needs strategic advisory assistance, contact Beacon Management Services for help. Call now for more information at (404) 907-2112.

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