Examples of Major Capital Projects

We have the expertise to oversee large capital projects performed by our technicians or by third party vendors.


Association Name

Scope of Work

Project Value

Association Name: Carlyle Heights

Scope of Work: Complete exterior renovation of 7 buildings

Project Value: $8.2 million

Association Name: 1280 West

Scope of Work: Replace EIFS on 40 story building; renovate interiors

Project Value: $6.1 million

Association Name: Arborgate

Scope of Work: Replace roof; renovate all buildings

Project Value: $1.2 million

Association Name: Jackson Square

Scope of Work: Exterior painting of 8 condo buildings

Project Value: $ 160,000

Association Name: Park at Ashford

Scope of Work: Remodel interior of 10 condo buildings

Project Value: $ 150,000

Association Name: Centennial House

Scope of Work: Replace HVAC systems

Project Value: $ 115,000

Association Name: Centennial

Scope of Work: Resurface asphalt parking lot

Project Value: $ 83,000

Association Name: Ennisbrook

Scope of Work: Remodel playground

Project Value: $ 35,000

Association Name: Ansley at Pilgrim Mill

Scope of Work: Paint pool house; repair lighting and ventilation

Project Value: $ 23,000

Association Name: Whitlock Park 

Scope of Work: Replace and renovate monument sign

Project Value: $ 20,000

Association Name: Liberty Crossing

Scope of Work: Resurface tennis courts

Project Value: $ 18,000