We have the expertise to oversee large capital projects performed by our technicians or by third party vendors.


Association Name

Scope of Work

Project Value

Association Name: Carlyle Heights

Scope of Work: Complete exterior renovation of 7 buildings

Project Value: $8.2 million

Association Name: 1280 West

Scope of Work: Replace EIFS on 40 story building; renovate interiors

Project Value: $6.1 million

Association Name: Arborgate

Scope of Work: Replace roof; renovate all buildings

Project Value: $1.2 million

Association Name: Jackson Square

Scope of Work: Exterior painting of 8 condo buildings

Project Value: $ 160,000

Association Name: Park at Ashford

Scope of Work: Remodel interior of 10 condo buildings

Project Value: $ 150,000

Association Name: Centennial House

Scope of Work: Replace HVAC systems

Project Value: $ 115,000

Association Name: Centennial

Scope of Work: Resurface asphalt parking lot

Project Value: $ 83,000

Association Name: Ennisbrook

Scope of Work: Remodel playground

Project Value: $ 35,000

Association Name: Ansley at Pilgrim Mill

Scope of Work: Paint pool house; repair lighting and ventilation

Project Value: $ 23,000

Association Name: Whitlock Park 

Scope of Work: Replace and renovate monument sign

Project Value: $ 20,000

Association Name: Liberty Crossing

Scope of Work: Resurface tennis courts

Project Value: $ 18,000