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Real Property. Real Solutions. We are a full-service real estate company managing Atlanta’s great properties. Like yours.

Beacon Management Services is one of Atlanta’s leading property management companies specializing in homeowner associations, high rise condominiums, mixed use developments, commercial condominiums and other properties of distinction. We were named one of the Top Ten Management Companies by The Atlanta Business Chronicle and are an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau. We work with you to concentrate on the big picture – setting policy and strategic planning – while the day-to-day operations are cared for by licensed association professionals.

We offer expertise in all facets of operations, staffing, technology, GAAP standard financial analysis, budgets, maintenance and capital projects.

When considering comprehensive management for your property, be sure with Beacon.

Our wide spectrum of services is delivered with an exacting standard of excellence.

  • Comprehensive property management for residential, multifamily and commercial
  • Community association management
  • Five star concierge, building staffing and front desk services
  • Maintenance and insurance programs designed to improve coverage and save money
  • Our best outcome is to find cost savings equal to our management fee
  • Added value, quality service and elegant delivery will be evident from day one.
  • Clearly, you are looking for specific performance and we are prepared to deliver it.

Be Aware of These Industry Trends. The New Economy Has Changed the Management Industry.

The management industry is consolidating – large corporations are buying smaller, local companies in order to expand market share. In doing so, they typically reduce local staff and then move certain services to an out of state corporate office to save money and maximize profit – at your expense. It’s called centralizing. Customer service (the people that answer your calls), accounting and other services are performed by people who have never seen your property. Ask your management company these questions:

  1. Who does my financials and where are they located?
  2. Who will answer our customer phone calls?
  3. Where are they located?
  4. Where are they really located?
  5. If my phone call is rerouted out of state to a call center, how long will it take to get an answer to my question?
  6. How does the call center interact with my local property manager?
  7. We want to meet the accountant who oversees our financials. Can they attend our Board meeting?
  8. How many properties is your local accountant responsible for?
  9. Is the head of the local office able to make autonomous decisions about my property, or are they made at the corporate office?
  10. How much turnover have you experienced in the past year?
  11. How long does a property manager stay with each community?
  12. How many properties does each manager oversee? (If it’s more than 10 – they are overworked)

Call us for the rest of the questions you should be asking. Beacon was recently hired by a significant Atlanta property to oversee the bids from six management companies. Three of them centralize their services to an out of state corporate office. The client wasn’t aware of this practice.

Keep it local. Call Beacon for more information at (404) 907-2112.


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What Our Client Say

Thanks again Lisa. You and your team are continuing to do an outstanding job. I look back after the years I’ve been here at 1280 West and we have taken leaps and bounds since this time last year. Great work!
Brett Dettmering, Condominium Board President
Again, just wanted to reiterate what a great job you did last night along with all of the efforts you and your
team put in. Hope you know how appreciated and valued you are! Thank you for all you do that most
people never see!
Lindsey Samples, Condominium Board Member
Beacon Management has been a lifesaver for The Aramore Condominiums. We are extremely impressed
with their level of expertise in all aspects of condominium living. They have far exceeded our expectations
of a management company. They know how to solve problems and look for the most economical way
possible. Their web portal and bill paying are easy to follow…they communicate often through email with
the residents (which they love!), and their onsite staff is carefully selected. I highly recommend Steve and
Lisa and their company – Beacon!
Florrie Kelly, Condominium Board Member
You’ve been a big help to my family during the move to the new building. You went out of your way to
make us feel welcome and answer many questions in a patient way. Our English is not good, yet you
explained the rules very clearly.
Juan Cabbrerra, Condominium Homeowner
I’ve believe I’ve seen and heard more compliments in the short time we have been under Beacon
Management, than all of my years at 1280 put together and for homeowners to take the time to write a
letter is a really great compliment to the work and services you and management gives all of us.
Leo Davis, Former Condominium Board President
Steve is a highly experienced, highly competent expert in the area of management. As president of
the board of directors for a mid-rise condo building in Atlanta, I supported the decision to hire Steve’s
company to manage our property. I was impressed by his aptitude, knowledge and “out of the box”
thinking. He values his client relationships highly and is very easy to work with.
Rayandra Slonina, Mid City Lofts, Former Board President
In a new community with glaring defects left behind by the builder and a substantial budget, it quickly became clear that our current management company was not the forward thinking partner that we needed to help us run our community. Not knowing where to look for a new management company, Steve Weibel was recommended to me by another company. We decided to partner with Steve, and that is just what he delivered…. a working partnership. Working with Steve and his staff made my life much easier.
Chris Corrow, Windward Pointe, Board President
I made a point to stand and thank Lisa and her staff. I said that Beacon is the fourth management
company since Nancy and I moved in, and that she and her people have far exceeded the competency
of any of the previous three. I’ve even retired the torch and pitchfork that I used to carry to every HOA
meeting! Great job!
Tim Shannon, Condominium Homeowner