Client Testimonials

REFERRALS ARE PRICELESS. Our clients’ satisfaction is the reason for our success.

Excellent work by the Beacon Management team. Kudos on a well-run townhall today at Carver. Very impressive communication and actions. We appreciate you all. I will say, you have secured an excellent team in Larry and Michael Dubas. I have been nothing but impressed with their work , customer service, hands-on approach and professionalism. Thank you!

Lisa Drobney​, Land Administrator and Declarant Services Manager, Century Communities

Kelle Torregrossa is a wonderful addition to the Beacon Management group. She has brought energy, expertise and leadership to our new development at Timberbrook. Kelle has been successful in building the trust and confidence through her leadership skills in our community. Many improvements have been achieved since her arrival. Always helpful, always answers her phone, a real problem solver.

Robert Argumosa, Homeowner

Sophia is the current property manger in a community that I reside in. Words can not express how pleased I have been since Beacon Management has taken over our community. Sophia is patient, and professional her presence has completely changed the culture of the community in a positive light. The entire onsite staff has been awesome! Changing to Beacon was by far the best decision that we have made.

Richard Austin

Christin has been instrumental in getting everything working properly with our gate clickers and the Homeowners, the Sales Team and the Construction Team has been better off for it. Christin is prompt, courteous and so friendly! She goes above and beyond and we are truly grateful for everything that she does!! THANKS CHRISTIN! YOU ROCK!

Simone Mills, Sales Manager, Taylor Morrison Homes

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the key fobs and camera at our pool. We have been wanting those for several years and most of our homeowners are so happy to have them! Thank you for all you do for us.

Patti Bennett, Liberty Crossing

It would be my pleasure to provide my experience in working with Beacon Management. We have successfully partnered with Beacon since early 2020 to manage all our community associations. At its core, community association management is a customer service-driven industry. Beacon has been able to find and hire licensed, intelligent folks who understand that building and maintaining a successful CAM industry business is centered around a willingness to serve. Typically, when I reach out through a voicemail or email, the expectation is to receive a response within 24 hours. Some issues require a quicker response; others can wait a day or sometimes even a week. The ability to prioritize based on urgency is a strength that stands out at Beacon. They have an innate ability to monitor their communications, assess the urgency and respond sometimes in minutes, if needed. That is a skill and service that is extremely lacking in the industry and much appreciated. If I have a request, they jump right on it and have an explanation, pictures and a plan of action in place very quickly. Beacon does not brag about their success, but genuinely wants to help others create their own successes. Since they took over our association management, my workload has diminished. I no longer have to continually follow up on issues or keep track of an action item list. I can trust that once they are aware of a pending issue, there is action happening behind the scenes. They do all the work, even things I would normally assume I had to do myself. I depend on the Beacon team to help keep our homeowners informed through the construction process, our assessment delinquencies low, our accounts payable and receivables up to date, and our vendors highly engaged so we can continue to focus on developing the land, building beautiful communities and selling quality homes. I have been extremely pleased with our partnership! Century Communities is a publicly-held company and the largest builder in Georgia. Our company is growing quite a bit, in fact, we are expanding into new southern markets such as Jacksonville, FL and Greenville, SC. I understand that Beacon is also interested in expanding into Greenville. This was welcome news as I would highly recommend using Beacon for community association management in other markets based on the success we have seen in Atlanta.

Lisa Drobney, Land Manager for Century Communities

Thanks, Christie! Robert and I will discuss tomorrow. I know so many things were not done incorrectly with the past association, and we are VERY grateful that you all are working with us day in and day out to get us back on track. I can’t say that enough. Beacon has certainly over delivered and not only met, but exceeded, all of our expectations thus far. Thanks for everything you, Paul, and Steve do.

Wesley R. Moore, Esq.

My friend visiting has distracted me a bit this week and I hadn’t had time to tell you what a fantastic job you did this past Tuesday night. It was a lovely event, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, beautiful weather, etc. Thank you for staying late and organizing the entire event. Not sure if I mentioned to you Terry Barrows glowing compliment, how River West is the best it’s looked in 15 years. Please extend my big thank you to Enrique and Jeremy for helping to make this a success. If I don’t see you today, have a lovely weekend with your family. See you next week.

Michele, River West Condominiums

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you! I told several folks this evening, coming from someone that has sold real estate for over 13 years and over 1,000 transactions under my belt, I have NEVER heard anything negative about Beacon whereas I have heard negative about others. I can clearly see your commitment and concern for the neighborhood. I appreciate you and wanted to thank you for coming this evening and taking away from your family and evening! Thanks again, Have a great evening!

Nakia Brooks, Liberty Park Reserve

Thank you for all of your hard work since you started here!!! It has not
gone unnoticed!

Gabrielle Kahn, Townsend at Lenox Villas

First, I want to say that you have done a great job since the transition. I really do love how communicative you have been and all the effort you have put in to address issues! It really has been a huge change from before and I have been meaning to pay some compliments for awhile.

Marilyn Vallecillo, Lenox Villas

Wow! Jamison he snuck right by me! Must have been an easy fix – I was only gone for like 15 minutes! If this is the same guy that has been coming to assess our light bulbs, sink, etc. I would like to let you know how great he is. He’s super nice and a great worker!

The Brasfield Commercial Office Building, Office Tenant

I also wanted to compliment Beacon’s management of this property now. I lived in Carlyle Heights for 10 years, and was the HOA President for a bit. You guys have done great things with the property.

John Flynn, Condominium Owner, Carlyle Heights

I wish every management company was as trustworthy and diligent with their work and how they treat customers as you are. I am positive you don’t hear this enough – but thank you for standing by your word to help and then actually helping. You are a gem and in the two times I have had to escalate an issue to you, you solve it in a matter of hours. THANK YOU!

Chad Lemon, Deer Lofts

To the Beacon Management Team - Great work by the Construction Team and our Management Team. What had taken years to go absolutely nowhere you completed very quickly and with relatively minor inconvenience to the community. Your hard work is much appreciated.

David Mizell, Windsor Over Peachtree Condominiums

I found Beacon on a whim online and i’m still so very grateful for the relationship. Thanks for your patience during our call and your commitment to our community. Not sure who your sales team is, but i’m ALWAYS available to be a reference for potential accounts.

Mrs. Akuba Torvikey Dawkins, Board President, Washington Condominiums

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the new pool furniture. It looks great and is a nice upgrade from what we previously had! I appreciate your efforts to get everything ordered and delivered before the end of the summer so our residents can enjoy! I’ll be on the lookout for the three tables and get those set up ASAP. Once again, thanks!

Jessica Schiller, Advisory Committee Member, Springs at Rockhouse

To the Beacon Management Team – Great work by the Construction Team and our Management Team. What had taken years to go absolutely nowhere you completed very quickly and with relatively minor inconvenience to the community. Your hard work is much appreciated.

David Mizell, Windsor Over Peachtree Condominiums

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did coordinating the ceiling repair in my unit. I have not had a chance to be home during day light hours as of yet. But, what I saw last night it looked great. Better than that my wife was happy with it, which makes me happy with it. So thanks again.

Ronnie Bridges, 1280 West Board Member

Thank you! And thank you for last night’s meeting. I think we made a lot of progress and I can tell that the board’s lives are going to improve going forward 🙂 I feel like you and Joe have made as much, if not more progress on the EFIS in the past month than we have in the past year! I’m so happy you’ve joined our team.

Jill Byers, Board President, 1280 West Condominium

I just want to thank you for assigning Emily Little to our Community. She jumped in immediately and is doing a fantastic job in what I consider a very difficult situation. She makes herself available to the Board, presents good ideas and communicates often, quickly and effectively with the community. Please do everything you can to give her your support and keep her at Beacon.

Juanita McClusky, Board Member, Rogers Creek

Thank you so much Lisa. You have been great to work with.

David Bodzy, Owner, Abbotts Square HOA

Thank you for your hard work Kim. In your short time you have surpassed years on out last property manager.

Board Member, Ansley at Pilgrim Mill HOA

Thank you, Kim. I do appreciate that you hear all the complaints — and, would like to say that you are doing a great job with keeping the order at Camden Pond. I recognize that it seems like a “thankless” job but I do appreciate you!! Thanks!

Gail, Camden Pond

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I really appreciate working with Gail. In our industry working with the managers in Gail’s position we find it difficult to find individuals that can handle the bombardment while communicating well. Gail is active and communicates very well with us. At times HOA management is quite thankless and we appreciate the help she has provided us.

Tre’ Hiltzheimer, Board Member

Thank you for sending us Emily Little! She is everything I always thought a property Manager should be and we are so lucky to have her. Best regards.

Phyliss Brassey, Bentley Ridge Association Board Member

Just a line to express my appreciation for the all the assistance your back office is giving CHASE in providing them with all the information requested for my refinancing. I know that your staff is very busy. Their hard work makes it possible for me to accomplish my goal of getting that refinancing done. Kindest regards.

René A. Medina, 1280 West Condominiums

Thank you so much for your quick response!! I really appreciate it! That information you attached is super helpful!!! I’ll see what we can decipher and will reach back out if we have additional questions!Again, I really appreciate you responding so quickly and with such great information!!!

Amy Gates, Prospective Homebuyer

Good morning Kim, It was nice meeting you and the board at last night’s board meeting. Thank you for all you do for us!

Laura Lewis, Homeowner, Brookstone HOA

Kristin, The light in now working. Thank you for your help in getting this resolved. It makes a huge difference at night. I feel so much better.


Thank you so much Lisa for your prompt response. I have relayed the information to my tenant.

Copperleaf at Global Forum Homeowner

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a great job Christin and Jeff have done this week. Christin has worked very diligently in getting things updated on our website and quickly answering questions and requests. Jeff rearranged his schedule the evening before to meet with me yesterday morning after the snow messed up our last week’s meeting. Please pass on the compliments to them! Best Regards

Trey Holladay, President, Hillbrooke Community Association Board of Directors

Thank you so, so much for the information. I’ve never had such quick turn around of these docs from a management company. You win the prize! All of my experiences with Beacon have been above par.

Haden Hodges, Abberley Towneship

Best reliable, well sourced accounting of all financials I have EVER seen at The River West. Huge thanks to Beacon systems, Burnell, Orlando and the BOD team

Valerie, River West Board of Directors

Thank you so much for keeping me updated Kim. It’s been a pleasure working with you out there and thank you for all that you have done.

Taylor Morrison, Sales Agent, Brookstone Owners Association

Lisa, you are going above and beyond for the customer. I’m going to suggest that they put the home under contract if all of their questions are answered!

Taylor Morrison, Sales Agent, Townsend at Chamblee Townhomes

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your time last week during our HOA community meeting. We are really appreciative of all you are willing to help us accomplish and your time. I know you receive many, many emails of troubles and problems from our neighborhood but I just wanted to throw some positivity your way.

Taylor Coleman, Homeowner, The Springs at Rockhouse

Last night’s meeting was a success! Kimberly followed her agenda, and covered a lot of helpful information! Because she went over the topics in such detail, we didn’t have a lot of questions at the end. If Kimberly didn’t have an immediate answer, she advised the resident to send her an email. I was just so happy with how it went and wanted to let you know how awesome Kimberly is!

Jessica Schiller, Springs at Rockhouse Advisory Committee Member

I wanted to check in and let you know how wonderful Kimberly Boyer has been! She responds in a timely manner, she is very engaged in our community, and I am very happy with the work she's done so far! I think it's necessary to give praise when it's due, and Kimberly definitely deserves it! Please let me know if there is anything you need from me!

Jessica Schiller, Springs at Rockhouse Advisory Committee

I told Steve yesterday I am so thankful for the both of you, I have not been this happy in years. I have finally found my home and I am forever grateful

Norman Bruce, Senior Community Association Manager

On an additional note, all the feedback Ive gotten about you, Kim, has been very positive and I agree so…Good Job!

Arbors at Sandy Springs Condominium Association

I wanted to check in and let you know how wonderful Kimberly Boyer has been! She responds in a timely manner, she is very engaged in our community, and I am very happy with the work she’s done so far! I think it’s necessary to give praise when it’s due, and Kimberly definitely deserves it! Please let me know if there is anything you need from me!

Jessica Schiller, Springs at Rockhouse Advisory Committee

Just letting you know that it I am on the Advisory Board. Kimberly has been refreshing. Always responding to all emails / concerns within 24 hours. She is very detailed. She came to our neighborhood and met with us and explained the entire scope of an HOA as many owners are first time buyers. Just wanted to drop a note that we are headed in the right direction. Thanks,

John Walker, Advisory Committee, Townsend at Lenox

Kimberly, it was such a pleasure meeting you. You are a breath of fresh air compared to the prior management. Thanks for listening to my concerns and giving me hope for a better environment. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks.

Gloria Marshall, Owner, Arbors at Sandy Springs

Please know that you have our full support, and we are ready to tackle 2018!! Thanks for diving in and being so great!

Jessica Schiller, Advisory Committee Chairperson, The Springs at Rockhouse

Steve, I really appreciate the experience you’re bringing to bear on our property and the clarity and assertiveness of voice with which you are delivering your perspective. We really need that kind of supportive input. Thank you for your professionalism and directness and willingness to invest time in presenting options for us. After our meeting tonight I’m even more happy that we’ve contracted with Beacon.

Scott Harriman, Board President, Carlyle Heights

Kim, I just want to commend you for taking such quick action on the damage caused by the storm. Thank you for all your hard work!

Camden Condominium Association

Thank you again for all of you help and guidance these past few months. I’m sure you get an ear full of stuff working with this community. But you’ve been a great help, you’re very responsive, and you’ve been so helpful to me. Just wanted to say – THANK YOU! Warmest Regards,

Michelle Glover, Camden Pond Condominiums

Kevin, Thank you and your entire team for all of the prep work they have done for the approaching storm! We appreciate everyone’s hard work!

Victor Roth, Board Member, 1280 West

Thank you for your attentiveness during the hurricane!

Anthony Ray, Board President, Stonehaven Pointe

Kim, You may not have ANY idea how COMFORTING this email message probably is to so many of our residents; who have NO relatives around to help them out. I PRAY we do not need your assistance and pray you and your family come out of this storms and perhaps others without any serious problems.

Gene Alderman, Kingswood HOA

Karen, Thank you for the info, and for being such a great manager of Westover.

Kristine Day

Thank you very much for being so responsive. It is truly a pleasure having you as a representative.

Park at Ashford Homeowner

Thank you, Kim. You & the Board are doing a great job staying on top of things.We appreciate all that you do.

Bob Astley, Homeowner,The Park at Ashford Condominiums

Beacon Management continues to work very hard, securing valuable loans and placing high level management in positions which are helping The Windsor Over Peachtree transition into the top quality building that its location, size of units, and strong solid bones merit. Taking on the challenges of an older building that has suffered from years of poor management, is a commitment, and Beacon has not wavered in its pledge.

Cynthia Morgan, Board President, Windsor Over Peachtree

Thanks for the fast responses Kimberly! You’re on it!!

David Johns, Advisory Committee Member, Copperleaf at Global Forum

Shawntell Craig is AMAZING at helping me manage this, so if you have questions on our procedure, I’d reach out to her! I think you guys are phenomenal! You’ve got a great team!

Jessica Schiller, Advisory Board Member, Springs at Rockhouse

Thank you for the no smoking signs and I just checked the pool, it looks so clean! Thanks again!

Linda Kalashian, Grandview Manor HOA

Dear Kimberly, Thanks again with your follow up , I am very pleased and impressed with your professionalism.

Yanrong Zheng, Abbotts Square homeowner

You need to know that the Board is really happy with your job performance for us thus far, especially considering you were thrown into all of this without much insight. So, please know that all your effort put into helping to get our Association back on track is really appreciated! On behalf of the whole Board…thank you!!

Darlene C., Board Member, Kingswood

I am a resident of 1280 West for 10 years now. I have seen many people come and go. Joe David is by far the best building engineer we have had and the building is better run that it has been in my decade here. During Joe’s tenure, he has had the parking garage update, the balcony project, the security system that does cover all floors and elevators, dealt with loading dock abuse, worked through the elevator modernization project, and changed out some doors far too low a grade for what they endured. And that’s just some of the things he has overseen. He responds almost instantly to email, including emails over the weekend where I am just reporting an issue. I am very happy to have Joe as our building engineer. I really appreciate his patience with me (and he does need it), his responsiveness and the seriousness with which he takes his responsibilities. That building is like a small city — and that is alot to manage. I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate Joe 🙂

Eulalia Roel, 1280 West

Appreciate your help and want to tell you that Tammie is probably the best Property Manager that we’ve had since I have served on the board. She is
professional and prompt. I truly appreciate her being assigned to our neighborhood!

Traci Hammond, Manchester Park

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you are doing keeping Abberley Towneship a “pretty little neighborhood”! I’m sure you hear complaints all day and I just wanted to put a “happy note” in your in-box. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Again, thanks for all youdo for Abberley. Sincerely,

Terri Lee Klatt, Abberley Towneship

Thanks, Karyn! By the way, kudos to the people who keep up the pool, and the dressing rooms. The pool is always clean, water just perfect, not too many chemicals, the dressing rooms are always clean – just a top performance all the way around! So, to the Boss (You) well done and then some! Cheers.

Johanna Smith, Windward Pointe

Lisa, thank you for doing this for us. You are the best.

Arnie, HOA Board President, River Colony North

Hi, I just wanted to let you know Burnell Jordon at the River West saved me from being locked outside my building all night. My old fob (not the one I bought this past October) had fallen off my keychain and I didn’t realize it until I was outside the locked door of my building. It was about 1am Saturday night. I called the after hours number with my sister’s phone, and they said they would call someone for me. Burnell was the one who called me back, and he was able to help me get back in. This is the first time I have ever been locked out after 16 (or is it 17? That’s how long it’s been) years, and I really had no idea what to do! But Burnell’s calm demeanor helped me stay calm. You have an awesome person here, and I am very appreciative. Kudos to everyone! Sincerely,

Rita Waldrop, River West Condominium

Jenny , let me just tell you, by the way, you are SO great to work with. I’ve dealt with a lot of people over the last couple of months, in association with building this house. You have been the best! Thank you for making things so easy!

Stephanie Wilson, Homeowner

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for spending so much valuable time with me today. I want Chris Kroozer to know I appreciate all the help he has given me to date, as well. Also, thank you for taking the time with Carl, I know he was anxious to meet you, put a face to emails and feel comfortable to reach out to you for help in the future. I am getting a good handle on the “monies” now and that is important. At our next HOA meeting, I will make sure I introduce to all our committee chair people, as well. Thanks again and I truly look forward to working with you. Kind Regards,

Kathy L. Kingswood, HOA, Treasurer

I wanted to extend a “thank you” to both of you for helping us make some GREAT progress in our community! The clubhouse is really looking great! We wouldn’t have been able to pull any of these action items off without your help!

Jessica Schiller, Advisory Committee Member, The Springs at Rockhouse

Jenny, thanks again for all your help. I could never get my last HOA to ever respond to my questions or concerns so I’m super thrilled by your level of service 🙂

Laura Eastman, Homeowner

The board member wanted to thank me for Beacon living up to its promises and she went out of her way to compliment the excellent work that you have been doing there. She said the Board could not be happier with you. Well done, Haya, and thank you for representing Beacon so well at this community.

Oakland Downs HOA Board Member

Thank you for your prompt reply and the answer I was hoping for. I will let you know if there are any issues. Thanks again.

Peggy F., Homeowner, Grand Manor HOA

We are making progress, and I am extremely appreciative of the help/assistance of you and Steve! I’m a huge advocate for our community, as you know, and I’m always here to help! Please let me know if there is ever anything you need from me to achieve our goals, and I’m happy to help!

Jessica Schiller, Springs at Rockhouse

Thank you so much for all of your help! My experience with an HOA management company has not been this great and extraordinary! We are ready to close on the new condominium.

Alan Weng, Real Estate Broker

The gate is WORKING!! Homeowners are so excited and feeling very secure 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work on this Lisa!

Becca Barnes, Townsend at Lenox Park

You were the best property manager we ever had…I have lived in MVP for almost nine years. You will be missed!!!

Andrea M., Mount Vernon Plantation

The property looks great! Thanks to the board, please pass my compliments on to all who made it happen.

Sheryl Wilhite, River West Condominiums

First, let me applaud Beacon and your efforts in providing great management service. As a person that lived through the last management company practices. Thank you!

Carletha Windom, Northridge Condominiums

Many thanks to the Board and Beacon for handling the inappropriate parking in the community.

Iris, Swanton Hill

I’m confident that since you arrived and as you worked through the budget process you’ve come to understand the variety of issues that face us and what’s needed. No need for me to chime in on stuff you already are aware of.You’ll do us proud I’m sure!

Joe Estes, Abberley Township

We’ve noticed a lot of violations in here going away. It’s looking good. Thank you Kim, for all of your hard work!

Park at Ashford Homeowner

Corey is an excellent representative for Beacon. He is an asset for the company (listens well/professional). He is on the job cleaning the area (1674), as I type this email. Best regards,

Susan W., Northridge Board President

The board member wanted to thank me for Beacon living up to its promises and she went out of her way to compliment the excellent work that you have been doing there. She said the Board could not be happier with you. Well done, Haya, and thank you for representing Beacon so well at this community.

Oakland Downs HOA Board Member

Thank you so much! Two huge gifts to the Windsor Residents from our Management Team this week – The Trash Chute and 3 working elevators. I have lived at the Windsor since 2001 and Nikki and ZeeAnn are, by far, the best management team we have ever had. I truly appreciate their efforts.

David Mizell, Windsor Over Peachtree

The Board has approved a bonus to be paid to Jarod G. with Beacon Management on 3/1/17. We think Jarod has been working hard for the community to permanently solve problems that arise, as opposed to just applying band-aids. He has saved this community money, and we would like him to share in those savings. We appreciate his efforts, and we hope he keeps up the great work. Thanks Jarod!

River West Board of Directors

I wanted to say thank you to you for all of your hard work and very prompt responses. You are great at what you do. I will hope to find another Kim when Jim & I buy our next condo in the spring up here in Chattanooga.

Patricia Gallivan, Mount Vernon Condominium Owner

We had the annual meeting last night and it was awesome – the members (32) present were all so appreciative of Beacon and we got a round of applause.

Kim Coomer, Beacon Association Manager

Karyn has done an excellent job for 2016. The place is looking like a home. Thanks for responding to all of my emails in the past.Happy New Year!!

Susan Warren, Northridge Condominiums

Kim, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and calling me…YOU are The BEST!!

Patricia, Condominium Homeowner

I sold my unit. Our closing date in January 11. Thank you for doing such a great job!!!!

Trisha Gallivan, Condominium Homeowner

Kim,Thank you! You are so helpful and responsive !!!

Venessa, Camden Pond Homeowner

Shawntell, Thank you! You have been so helpful and so quick to respond. Absolute pleasure! 🙂

Kate K., HOA Homeowner

Thank you for all your help with the Annual Meeting last night. We appreciate how calm and professional you addressed these homeowners. We also appreciate you inviting the Roofer in to speak to us. I think I speak for the Board when I say, we are happy you have been assigned to our Community. Thanks again,

Juanita, HOA Board Member

Thank you so much for representing the Association this morning, along with Chris, at the sale of this unit. Especially in light of the weather conditions.We really appreciate you taking this matter over for us. On behalf of the whole Board, thank you so much!

Darlene, Condominium Board Member

I am a Loan Officer with PNC Mortgage and wanted to let you know HOW MUCH I appreciate your two employees Chelle and Burnell. As you know, before we can close a loan, have to have Condo approval. I started my process a few weeks back. I discovered that Beacon had recently taken over this project from Heritage. Due to this timing, project was not yet at Home Wise. Both of above employees went beyond their call of duty in assisting me in a most timely manner (even on Holiday week), which allowed me to get my approval this week. It was a pleasure working with them both. So many times, we get caught up in our own agenda, that we fail to say THANK YOU. They were both so polite and even though I know they had their own stress going on, it NEVER came across. Obtaining PUD and CONDO approvals is not a Favorite loan officer job, but a necessity in order to obtain our final loan approval. They are dedicated and very capable individuals. Just wanted to share this info with their management.

Janice E Lloyd, Mortgage Loan Officer

Just a short note expressing my thanks for all of your help. It’s nice to work with a professional who works well at everything they do. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Pete O’Connor, River Colony North Board Member

I just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how awesome Ms. Chelle Gerber is! I have been working with her for a few months. She is always happy to help us and sends our requests back within a few hours (sometimes minutes) of me requesting them. The customer service she provides is wonderful! Thanks so much,

Morgan Floyd, Closing Attorney

I just want to thank you for all you do for River Colony North and especially for last evening. You are the BEST.

Arnie Zwickel, Board President

I appreciate the help with the exclusion for my building, and the tree was cut down a few weeks ago. You are doing a great job!!!!!

Andrea Garwood, Condominium Homeowner

I just recently moved to Windsor Over Peachtree and this is a first time living in a condo in high rise. Nikki and ZeeAnn have made the whole move a pleasure. The staff here is incredible. From the Front Desk to your office. I just wanted you to know they have made this a better move than I anticipated.
All the best,

Mia McDonough, Condominium Homeowner

Good Morning! I would like to take a moment and let you know what excellent customer service I received from Chelle Gerber. I was having some issues with the questionnaire from Homewisedocs and Chelle was able to get the information I needed and was so gracious in helping me. I think it should be noted that she did an excellent job and aided in my clients closing going smoother. Thanks,

Cindy Cole, Loan Officer, Fidelity Bank

Thank you for enforcing the parking rules in the visitor area. Past property managers had always sent out rules but never enforced them. It’s nice to see the change!

Evan Glueck, Condominium Owner

The two service people that had been out before were good, but today’s experience with Marlon was over the top. Very professional, yet personal. Knows his work well. Thank you!

James Adams, Homeowner

Greetings Christina, Thank you for your prompt message! This is appreciated.Best

Habib Ange, Condominium Homeowner

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate Kristina. I may not always like what she has to tell me, but Kristina has very good follow up and follow through skills. The business of reporting bad news to owners is not the most pleasant at times. Kristina handles herself in a professional manner never losing her cool. Property management is a stressful job. I truly believe she is an asset to the owners and the community.

Ted Lesniak, Condominium Homeowner

You are doing a great job!!!! I have lived there for years, and you are the best we have had thus far!

Andrea, Condominium Board Member

I wanted to let you know how much Joe and I appreciate Nikki. As you know, we have been owners since conversion and have been associated with all of the managers, and Nikki is truly one of the best. She is very smart, responsive, professional, and patient. She is always ready to listen and help with whatever problem arises. She has been invaluable to our ACC Committee, and her knowledge of the building grows every day. We value her insight and judgment. At the last Board meeting, she was praised and applauded by all of the residents. Thank you for bringing her to the Windsor.

ACC Committee Member

Thank you for summarizing the status of the 2017 budget and loan acquisition efforts. Your explanations were very helpful. You have done and are doing a great deal on our behalf and your commitment is certainly appreciated.

Jackie Tucker, Board Member

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Kevin has been to work with. He has been able to answer every question on this project. We look forward to getting it wrapped up!

Jason A. Waters, Fidelity Bank

Good Morning. You are All so Wonderful and Helpful. I do not have the words to Thank Each and Every One of you for sorting this out in a matter of a few hours. I really thought it will take me weeks to resolve this. I am deeply Grateful to Each One of you for clearing this issue at lightning speed. Please accept my Heartfelt Thanks. Once again, Thank you so much!

Sunny Sachdeva, Windward Pointe

Who’s better than you guys? NOBODY. I seriously mean it when I say that you response time and resolving this issue was incredible. I deal with alot of property management companies but this was unreal. Happy to give you guys a testimony whenever needed. Seriously! Thanks,

David Flax, Vendor

Thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing for us at The Park @ Ashford. We appreciate your advise and input……

Cindi, Board Member, The Park at Ashford Condominiums

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I can’t tell you how much easier it has been working with you and your team! Thanks!


I’m just thankful we got rid of the other management company and have Beacon now! Thanks for all your help!

Ella Golden-Eskridge, Board Member

I wanted to let you know that Chelle Gerber has gone above and beyond to help us with our closing letter. I sent her an email this morning not expecting to get a reply on her day off but she called me right back and was even able to send us a revised closing letter to save our closing. I really appreciate people like her and thought I would share with you.Have a great day!

Christy Cowan, Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco, P.C.

Thank you. You did a great job last night. I am happy to be working with you.

Paula, Mount Vernon

I thank you immensely for your prompt response, and for providing me with the leasing permit that I need. Have a great rest of the week.Warmest regards.

Rene Medina, 1280 West Condominium

Hi Lisa, Thank you very much for your help. You are absolutely amazing.

Abe, The Bradford on Peachtree Condominiums

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts. You guys always pull off all the last minute projects I send your way. I appreciate all the hard work you do for us!!!

Rene’ Mallein II, Taylor Morrison Homes

As always, many thanks for your excellent attention to details. I enjoyed talking to you yesterday, also. Regards

Cindy Crain, Homeowner

Just a quick thank you. Your customer service people are doing you proud! I’ve had a few interactions with them personally and they’ve been top-notch. Shantell and Doug have both been above-par for any company’s CS department and way above par with regard to the PMC business! I’ve also already heard from a few members who also volunteered that they have had very good customer service experiences as well with Beacon. So major kudos to you and Lisa and staff! Kind regards.

Gary Hoch, Board Member

I meant to email you last week, but I wanted to say Alan was able to fix the railing. He did a very nice job, and he was very friendly, helpful, and takes pride in his work. Thanks for taking care of this maintenance item so quickly! Thanks again,

Derek Wright, Homeowner, City Side Lofts

Thanks Lisa. You are the best. I really appreciate you and how involved you are with the staff. Shows you’re a great leader.

Christopher Putney, Beacon Management Concierge Staff Member

Thank you for being proactive on preparing our community for the winter storm. One year we were out there slipping on ice and spreading salt, so I’m happy!

Kevin Morrison, Board President

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you and Shawntell are doing with Longlake! March will mark 15 years for the Nolan’s at Longlake, and Beacon is by far the best management company we have ever had! Just want you and your associates to know that your efforts are recognized and appreciated!All the best for 2016!

Ken Nolan, Board President

Your updates are always well written, insightful and re-affirm my confidence in you and your staff! Thank you very much for keeping us informed! Have a wonderful day.

Barry Zgonena, Condominium Homeowner

You did a nice job of understanding the issues and moved to resolve them quickly. And while I was upset, you managed to keep your cool. So thank you. Gives evidence that your company has some ‘depth on their bench! Thank you for your assistance with this!

Marti Byczek, Homeowner, Lenox Heights

I feel like I pester you like crazy, but you all have been the most involved management company we have had so far. You all seem very passionate about and proactive in making our community better, and I really appreciate that! I look forward to seeing the results as they come along! Thank you!!!

Jodi, HOA Board Member, Westover Homeowner Association

Thank you so much. You guys have been so quick to respond to all my questions and with quick solutions as well. Thank you again.

Diana Arias, Homeowner, River Colony North

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter. I am very pleased to know that this is the kind of service Carrington Park residents will experience, under Beacon Properties leadership; your team excels at customer service and dedication to the community. Keep up the good work!

Heimer Fernandez, Service Provider

I appreciate you for the manner in which you went about resolving this concern and for your excellent customer/tenant service. Again, very much appreciated. Thank you.

Perry Cooper, Homeowner

Again, Lisa thank you for all that you have done. YOU have made a huge difference. THANK YOU……. 🙂

Oscar Williams, Board President, City Side Lofts

Saw you on the news just a minute ago speaking about the water bill at CitySide. I had no idea it was so outrageous. Glad you were able to get it all taken care of. I just wanted to say thank you for being so vigilant on our behalf.

Rose Dye, Condominium Homeowner

Beacon is by far one of the best management companies I’ve dealt with in Atlanta. They actually manage at a granular level, looking out for the customer to save money, by using creative and aggressive methods to look out for the customer. We rely on their financial analysis spreadsheets and have used them for bank loan approvals.

James Bradley, Commercial Lender, State Bank

In my opinion, you and Beacon truly have been the best management partner we have had since the community opened. Thanks for caring and all your help!

Bob Carignan, Board Member, City Side Lofts

Beacon Management Services has been the best property management firm we have had at The Windsor in the last 14 years. Beacon’s competitive advantage is their team approach to property management. This is what we like best. In short, we received very little assistance and guidance from senior management at the previous four firms. Beacon has a different service model. Besides a property manager and assistant, you get a lot advice and guidance from senior management. The senior managers at Beacon (Steve and Bruce) work directly with the board on various issues. Our property has benefited from the decades of experience from the senior managers. This allows the property manager to focus on managing the property and providing service to the homeowners. Our homeowners know senior management is committed to our property because they see them at board meetings and around the property throughout the month. In short, Beacon Management has made serving on the board a lot easier for board members. The firm is very proactive, experienced and gets results.

Balaam Elliott, Board Member, Windsor Over Peachtree Condominiums

I want to personally thank you for all the long hours that you have been putting at the Windsor. You are going above and beyond the regular office hours dealing with problems and our off-the-clock committee meetings. Perhaps this is standard for property managers but common consensus around the residents is that we have never, in the past, had a manager so involved and available as you have been. In a profession like yours, hearing negative comments and complaints are much more common than receiving commendations, therefore, I just want reiterate my appreciation to you and your team.

Edgar A. Gonzales, Condominium Board Member

I wanted you to know I’ve had occasion twice this week to ask Michele, one of the security people, for assistance. Both times she went out of her way to help me, and she did so with thoughtfulness and follow through. It’s terrific to feel so “taken care of” by folks here, and I wanted to let you know. Thanks,

Nancy S., Condominium Homeowner

Your Beacon Management Team has treated me with professional courtesy. I greatly appreciate you and your team. Again, thank you for your professional courtesy.

Paulette Kimberly Barne, Mill Pond Condominium

I just wanted to let you know, on a personal note, that I am behind you and your team. I will do my best to insist that we provide you with a clear and consistent message on our priorities! Thanks for your hard work so far and look forward to working with you! Thanks!

Jim K., Windsor Over Peachtree

I have been working with Beacon Management Services in Atlanta. They do a great job.

Sam T. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

Beacon Management company is Best service in Atlanta.

Dorothy B. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

Beacon Management’s work in handling our condominium has been excellent.

Sam P. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

Beacon Management company is great at customer service, reliable and responsive to all my requests. I definitely recommend Beacon Management Company to any condominium.

Clevelandoh M. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

I have been working with Beacon Management Services in Atlanta. The best condo property managers Atlanta.

Michael P. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

I have received excellent advice to handle various aspects of the management process. Thanks to Beacon Management Services.

Mark J. (YP online review; customer did not leave last name)

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you do for myself as well as the association. You certainly have gone above and beyond what we have been used to, and I just want you to know how appreciative I am of what you do for us.

Florrie Kelley, The Aramore Condominiums

Corey has been such a great help getting the issue resolved. I really appreciate all his hard work and him keeping me informed while I am out of town.

Risa Schaber, Condominium Owner, The Aramore Condominiums

AWESOME JOB BEACON TEAM!!! We’re starting off on the right foot in 2015!

Kevin V. Morrison, MBA

I have been on the board of POA for 309 homes in Gwinnett County for the past 14 years. I’ve served in most of the positions and most recently – have been Secretary. We were originally an HOA and went through the process of updating our covenants to become a POA. Our board is extremely rare, that in that they are very active. We don’t turn over everything to a management company and expect them to run things – we are deeply involved in everything.

We’ve had a long relationship with Steve and more recently Lisa as part of Beacon. Steve is one of the few individuals in this business that can be cited as exceptional. Several years ago after we contracted with Steve’s prior firm, we had an incident where a car rolled down a driveway, across the street and then down into the fence and onto our newly surfaced tennis courts. This was on a weekend. The car owner was a neighboring association officer who wanted to “avoid any issues” and walk away from the damages to our property. Steve was on site within an hour. He handled the incident in a very professional manner, contacting the police, coordinating the repairs and in the final outcome, all damages were paid with no costs incurred by our POA.

Lisa has those same attributes. She is willing to wade into the smallest detail with problem POA members, meeting them at their home and discussing the issue. I find this to be rare and a wonderful characteristic of a property manager. I’m not sure what your service requirements are, but Lisa’s firm has been diligent and provided us with financial analysis that is both timely and in most instances- more than expected. Bruce Grant on her staff is a genius.

I know this paints a rather glowing picture of both Steve and Lisa, but this is one of the few teams that I have encountered in my lifetime that are truly suited to the job that they are in…..they both enjoy what the do and they excel at it. I’ve worked with over 5 different management companies and they are by far the best that I have experienced so far.

Pete O’Connor, Secretary, River Colony North

Thanks again Lisa. You and your team are continuing to do an outstanding job. I look back after the years I’ve been here at 1280West and we have taken leaps and bounds since this time last year. Great work!

Brett Dettmering, Board Treasurer, 1280 West Condominium

Beacon Management has been a lifesaver for The Aramore Condominium’s. We are extremely impressed with their level of expertise in all aspects of condominium living. We have a new relationship with Beacon and they have far exceeded our expectations of a management company. They know how to solve problems and look for the most economical way possible. Their web portal and bill paying are easy to follow…they communicate often through email with the residents (which they love!), and their onsite staff is carefully selected. I will be happy to answer any further concerns you may have in your endeavor to secure a new management company, and as you can see, I highly recommend Steve and Lisa and their company – Beacon!

The Aramore Condominiums

Beacon’s team is exceptional. Especially the young lady that manages 1280 West

Bill Allison, EPIC Response

It is always a pleasure to receive and read your emails. “Whether it is a notification or whether it is a announcement.” In all my busy schedules and my extensive travels, I always try to take a pause and read any emails that come from you. It also always puts a smile on my face and I appreciate all that you do at 1280 West. I am so glad that you are managing 1280West. I don’t come to my condo as often. But I want to say that I can feel the changes that you have brought to 1280 West and You are doing an amazing job. Again, Thanks for all you do and thanks for having such a pleasant personality. I was at the condo for the past three days and am flying out tonight. Hopefully I will see you in my next trip.

Chandresh Sheth, 1280 West Condominium

We are current home owners in 1280 West, we purchased our condo in March. A new property management team took over 2 months ago and has made some good changes to the building upkeep. Carpet on every floor was shampooed, trash shuts were properly cleaned, marble floors on all levels were polished, new pool tables installed, and laundry rooms were deep cleaned, parking decks were pressure washed. It seems like the new Beacon management company that took over seems to be making some positive changes to our building. When we first moved in the management company that had it was questionable, but I have to say I can see some changes in the new management company, they are slowly weeding out all the renters from our building and they seem to be making progress on the way our building is being maintained.

1280 West Homeowner post on

I’ve believe I’ve seen and heard more compliments in the short time we have been under Beacon Management, than all of my years at 1280 put together and for homeowners to take the time to write a letter is a really great compliment to the work and services you and management gives all of us.

Leo Davis, Condominium Board President

Folks, I have reviewed the statements. We had a great year! Thanks to Bruce and Lisa! The “found money” from our former management company along with the extraordinary efforts of Bruce and Arnie completed the year with outstanding #s. Now we need to move forward into as successful 2013!

Pete Dingeldey, POA Board Treasurer

Your team is the best HOA management company the building has had!

Kristin Kenney, The Aramore Condominium Association

I just have to say, THANK YOU! While I expected nothing less from you and Beacon, I’m still impressed, by the clarity, professionalism, and timeliness of communication in this situation. I feel like someone who’s been partially blind and was just given the ability to see 20/20 and seeing a whole new world. Thanks.

Leo Davis, Condominium Board President

I have been on a POA board in a variety of positions for the last 17 years. I’ve done this for the same reasons that you have – I want to see my neighborhood grow and prosper. The only way to do that is to take action and work at it day and day out. There have been a lot of changes over the years and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing to you today. I’ve experienced just about everything that is possible so far for an HOA community. I was there in the beginning when it was run by the developer, changed hands to our HOA and then the HOA was changed to a POA. Throughout these past 17 years we have had four management companies and to be quite honest – Beacon Management Services is by far the best that we have ever encountered. I have enjoyed watching with pleasure the responses my fellow board members express at the excitement they are having at working with Lisa and her team at Beacon and their own satisfaction of being a board member once again.

You have to know this can be a thankless volunteer opportunity. Rarely will you receive thanks for a job well done. What you will receive are complaints for every perceived issue big or small. One of the keys that we considered choosing to move to Beacon was the complaints we heard from our POA members. They were unhappy and very upset with our prior management company that was treating us as an everyday account. We were just one of their communities and they rarely had time to deal with issues that were important to our members or board. Lisa’s team is the exact opposite. Their communications are timely, concise and accurate. They are on site – which you will immediately notice. I can with sincerest thought – recommend Lisa and her team. Our community and board members are very satisfied with our decision to use her company. With Beacon, we can return to our families and outside interests and know that we are in good hands.

Pete O’Connor, POA Board Secretary

Lisa arranged all the transfer of documents from our previous Management Company. She set everything up for us and has been working tirelessly for us solving all our outstanding problems which Beacon inherited from our previous mgt. co. She has done an amazing job getting our community back on track. When Bruce Grant joined the firm he jumped right in and has cleaned up our financials got all owners accounts up to date & has worked hand in hand with our attorneys on collections. We cannot be more pleased with Beacon Management and would recommend them to any HOA or Condominium Association.

Arnold Zwickel, POA Board Vice President

I serve as Treasurer of the Property Owners Association and have been a Board Member for several years. At the end of 2011, our association sought out a new management company. We chose Beacon Management Services to be our new community manager. In the short time they have worked with us, we have seen a significantly increased interest in our community. Beacon, in the person of Lisa Simmons, exhibits a strong sense of urgency and attention to detail. She continuously monitors the property, seeks ways to get tasks accomplished at the best value and suggests improvements.

The new Internet web interface Beacon provides is easy to use for both Board members and residents. It is a significant improvement from the former system. As Treasurer, I interact frequently with the Beacon CFO, Bruce Grant. He provides timely and accurate financial reports, including ad hoc reports if needed for more effective management. He provides credible advice to the Board.

Pete Dingledey, POA Board Treasurer

We drove all last night and reached Delaware at 4.30am–13 hours drive. It was fun to spend time with my son. Thank you for your follow up concerning the water damage. You are doing a great job! And Felicia’s and your pleasing personality makes things easier for us homeowners…Best Wishes,<?

Chandresh Seth, Condominium Homeowner

Thank you so very much, Lisa, for coming by and taking the time to meet with Lee and me. I know you are a busy lady–now I know you are even busier than I imagined! Good luck on your hiring search. Again, all I can say is thank you for taking such good care of us!! Have a beautifully blessed day!

Marion Wasdin, Condominium Homeowner

You’ve been a big help to my family during the move to the new building. You went out of your way to make us feel welcome and answer many questions in a patient way. Our English is not good, yet you explained the rules very clearly.<?

Juan Cabbrerra, Condominium Homeowner

I just wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN for coming to see me personally after the big water leak in the building. You actually stopped by on a weekend to see if everything was alright with my unit. You also helped me understand the insurance claim, explaining the complex insurance issues pertaining to our condo insurance. I appreciate all your hard work and know we made the right choice by hiring you!!

John Stevens, Condominium Homeowner

Thanks for your time today. You are doing an excellent job with the community. I will forward you the finalized parking and storage assignments as soon as they are ready. Again thanks so much for handling things so well on everyone’s behalf.

Jack Williams, Condominium Developer and Asset Manager

A great big THANK YOU to you for your assistance.

Mike Long, Condominium Homeowner

I have known Steve both personally and professionally for over 10 years, and I am continually amazed at his pure ability to achieve greatness and success for any business model he creates and in any business partnership in which he is involved. Steve’s visionary, entrepreneurial style keeps him on the cutting edge of technology, and he has always operated two steps ahead of the industry in every facet of the business. Not only is he an outstanding leader in the industry, he is a man of great integrity and is a joy to know and work with!

Leslie Day-Harrell, Senior Property Manager, Jackson Healthcare Senior Vice President

Steve and I have worked together on property management projects and on construction projects for approximately 10 years. Steve’s tremendous property management knowledge coupled with his sharp instincts from his experiences truly places him in the elite of elite business persons with whom I and others choose to call an expert who cares.

Christine Fortenberry, President, Fortenberry Construction, Inc.

Steve is a highly experienced, highly competent expert in the area of management. As president of the board of directors for a mid-rise condo building in Atlanta, I supported the decision to hire Steve’s company to manage our property. I was impressed by his aptitude, knowledge and “out of the box” thinking. He values his client relationships highly and is very easy to work with.

Rayandra Slonina, Former Board President, Mid City Lofts, Executive Business Consultant

I have worked with Steve on numerous occasions over the years during his ownership of a successful property management company. Steve has extensive knowledge of the real estate, management and development industries and is able to share his knowledge and expertise with his employees and his clients to help his clients thrive. Steve is consistently reliable and works as a partner with his industry colleagues to ensure the best results for our shared clients. I would recommend Steve for great results with any project and look forward to working with him again on new ventures in the future.

Kim Gaddis, Partner/Owner of Gaddis & Lanier Attorney’s at Law

In a new community with glaring defects left behind by the builder and a substantial budget, it quickly became clear that our current management company was not the forward thinking partner that we needed to help us run our community. Not knowing where to look for a new management company, Steve Weibel was recommended to me by another company. We decided to partner with Steve, and that is just what he delivered…. a working partnership. Working with Steve and his staff made my life much easier.

Chris Corrow, Board President

I had the pleasure of working with Steve for 10 years. During that time I watched him grow his company from a small operation to one of the largest property management companies in the state. Steve is a mentor and friend and has always taken the time to introduce me to new contacts and opportunities. He knows that customer service in any industry ensures long term business relationships and has built many companies based on that principle. Steve is always looking ahead and continually strives to be the best in his field. His employees love him, his clients respect him and his vendors and business associates appreciate him and the loyalty and dedication he maintains. Steve turns everything he touches into gold and those who are fortunate enough to be partnered with him in any way hope to be along for the ride.

Copeland Boyd, Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Cleaning Services

Lisa, It was great chatting with you and getting an update on what’s going on in the neighborhood and the building yestereday. I just want to reiterate how much my wife Debby and I enjoy living at 1280 West. A lot of the credit goes to your team who are professional, friendly and competent. We have seen great improvements in the last year and condsider you good stewards of our money and our property. We really like the forward thinking plans you have for the building and the proactive approach you are taking to improve the quality of life at 1280 West. Keep up the good work. We are proud to have such a great team on our side.

Terry and Debby O’Shea, Condominium Homeowner

Again, just wanted to reiterate what a great job you did last night along with all of the efforts you and your team put in. Hope you know how appreciated and valued you are! Thank you for all you do that most people never see!

*LINDSEY SAMPLES, Board Member *

I made a point to stand and thank Lisa and her staff. I said that Beacon is the fourth management company since Nancy and I moved in, and that she and her people have far exceeded the competency of any of the previous three. I’ve even retired the torch and pitchfork that I used to carry to every HOA meeting! Gave a plug to Jerrell Harris, too, for his actions toward cost-saving ideas like the LED hallway lights, new ac for the elevator room on the roof, coming LED lighting for the garage, etc. Great job!

Tim Shannon, Homeowner