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Good property management practices should protect, if not increase, the value of your property in Atlanta. Beacon approaches property management from an owner’s perspective, delivering comprehensive services that balance livability initiatives with cost savings outcomes. Properties managed by Beacon outperform their competition with a focus on solving the problem, not just managing it. Operational excellence, deferred maintenance, energy consumption, fiscal responsibility, tenant tracking and quality of life issues are primary areas of focus.

Achieving quantifiable and measurable results for our clients is the essence of our company. Beacon recommends using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate our efforts at reaching mutually established goals. KPIs usually focus on financial and operational issues but ideally capture other areas of business performance as well. We set our course by establishing clear goals at the outset of the relationship. Ultimately, the client benefits from KPIs because they demonstrate the services rendered in quantifiable terms.


The property management industry has long been known for poor accounting practices. If you suspect or actually experience this low-level cash basis practice, you will be thrilled with Beacon Management Services in Atlanta. When cash flows were predictable, positive cash basis accounting was manageable. But the economy has put a microscope on financial reports and most don’t pass muster. Managing a property correctly includes having GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) accounting. Accrual accounting. Without this method – a client, whether they admit it or not, is operating somewhat in the dark and certainly without vision or all the information necessary for good financial decisions. Beacon does all the general accounting any property needs such as coupons, collections, lock box, reports, etc. Almost any management company can do these simple tasks.

Builder Developer Services

The involvement of our Developer Services Division ideally starts management services in Atlanta during the mapping/development phase of a new community – prior to the recording of the governing documents. The experienced Beacon team reviews maps, documents and initial plans to identify potential problems the developer may experience. This early involvement allows management to gain a better understanding of the entire project, including land characteristics, product offerings, sales projections and association involvement.

HOA Management

Beacon HOA Management provides the total services necessary to operate a successful association in Atlanta. We work with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture – setting policy and strategic planning – while the day-to-day operations are cared for by licensed association professionals. We offer on-site and off-site property management and association management for the community in Atlanta, administrative support staff, financial and accounting services, communications and maintenance programs and many other turnkey services. The depth of our resources, along with the expertise of our highly experienced staff, allows us to work with existing associations, developers and builders at any stage of the development process.

Commercial Management

Our advanced capabilities in property management services in Atlanta include asset management, construction management, compliance administration and real estate advisory services, in addition to the standard services of staffing, collections, maintenance and financial reporting.

Concierge Services

Beacon Property Management Services in Atlanta Offers Professional Concierge with a Personal Touch. We provide upscale five-star concierge services in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. At Beacon Management Services, our business is the customer. We bring personal, individualized attention where it’s needed most – home. Our goals are simple: to offer the highest level of service and professionalism while providing a safe and secure environment in which to live. The Beacon Five-Star team understands the role they play in each community by going above and beyond to reach the highest level of resident satisfaction. After all, it’s our job is to handle the details, so you can enjoy your life.

Condominium Management

With expertise in all facets of building operations, staffing, technology and life safety systems, Beacon Management Services devotes itself to offering its customers a comprehensive service offering as the top condominium management company in Atlanta. Professional, personalized service found in smaller organizations, coupled with the extensive resources of a proven leader, make us the first choice for onsite and portfolio management. Part of our commitment to our customers during the early phase of the startup process includes the following important steps: Evaluation of the physical site and a written report to the Board about conditions found and proposed solutions; Review of the financial health of the property compared to the reserve study and any undocumented liabilities; Funding strategies for both operating and reserve expenses; Evaluation of all human resource usage and options for same; Evaluation of all maintenance practices, including inventory control and purchasing if, applicable.


On many occasions, we’ve been asked to provide strategic consulting services to various stakeholders in the real estate industry such as: For Builders, Asset Managers and Investors; For Boards of Directors; For Homeowners; For Management and Concierge Companies; For Properties with Construction Defects and Deferred Maintenance. Beacon Management Services provides consulting services covering all aspects of the Condominium and Homeowner Association Industry, and Common Interest Developments (CID).


As the lead Community Association Management in Atlanta, Beacon’s property maintenance software lets us use electronic work orders to communicate with maintenance staff members and vendors, so we address and resolve property and building maintenance issues faster. Our customers appreciate how quickly we fix property issues and keep owners aware of our progress with email updates and copies of work orders. Your property manager can more easily manage vendors and have an organized view of all current and past work orders. We can even set up standard, recurring work orders for routine maintenance items, saving time each month. The goal is to minimize surprises and maximize response time that allows us to provide outstanding service to all customers.

Masterplanned and Active Adult

Beacon Management Services provides all of the association management services and expertise necessary to facilitate successful active adult or masterplanned community associations in Atlanta. Both types of communities require expert staffing and guidance that only an experienced company like Beacon can offer. We provide well-trained, thoughtful and experienced community managers that direct the programs and activities of the community to enhance each member’s experience and to add overall value to the community.

Multifamily Apartments

Our multifamily property management division in Atlanta is yet another way in which our innovative business model gives you the best of both worlds: the cost-savings, superior service and across-the-board expertise of a larger platform, yet the local market knowledge so important to each community’s success. You will benefit from our financial expertise, which is sensitive to the special requirements of financial institutions and cognizant of the long-term equity and financial returns required from properties in today’s increasingly competitive market.


Our view at Beacon Property Management in Atlanta is to leverage technology toward the goal of improving the quality of people’s lives in the properties that we manage. By using the most advanced technology in the industry, we provide more immediate service, communication and responsiveness to our customers.

Tenant Tracking and Compliance

Not sure who is living in your condo or homeowner association? Having trouble getting renters and leases under control in your community? Beacon Property Management in Atlanta offers a complete solution at NO cost to the association that gives the Board immediate control over tenant tracking and compliance.

Over the past few years, there has been a major increase in renters in condos and HOAs, in part due to the surge of investors buying in community associations and community association management companies in Atlanta. Although, many associations have a process for collecting information on leased units, it is not uncommon that the records may be incomplete or inaccurate for a variety of reasons. Not knowing who is leasing – whether legally or illegally – exposes the association to greater risk and liability. If the Board believes it is important to have this information and control in the process, then it makes sense to implement a structured program that ensures compliance to the greatest extent possible.

Beacon Benefits

Our professional team has encountered and dealt with virtually every facet of the real estate industry, giving us a wealth of training and tested experience that we can share with you.

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