What Can You Count On From Beacon Management Services?

Raising the bar isn’t just a tag line. It is a real agenda. A property’s culture and image of itself has to be reinforced every day, by every interaction, by every courtesy, by extending the best effort every day. We set a high standard and meet or exceed it.

We encourage a culture of inclusion by treating employees as partners. By fostering a strong sense of pride and belonging, Beacon employees become vested in the success of your property.

  • CEO and CFO Involvement
  • Trained, experienced personnel
  • Senior level thinking
  • Back up Managers always present
  • Pro active management – recommendations made for improvements, cost savings preventative maintenance and reporting
  • Personalized service
  • CC&R consulting – legal coordination
  • Excellent record of lowering costs of Association’s insurance
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Consistent & frequent communication with Board, followed by prompt results
  • On-site inspections – thorough & comprehensive with prompt follow-up
  • Vendor Management
  • Competitive bids – maximum value to your Association
  • Comprehensive financial system – maximum accuracy, timelines of books and reports – red flag reports when applicable
  • Experienced bookkeeping department, rapid response, double checks built into system, books balanced and reconciliations made every month
  • Separate books and bank accounts for each Association – no commingling of HOA funds
  • Detailed itemization on statements and reports
  • Accrual accounting- GAAP standard
  • More than twice a month payables – we keep your vendors happy by paying them promptly
  • Systems to prevent double payment to vendors
  • Personal office staff – there is always someone to speak with