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HOA Management: The Long and the Short of Short Term Rentals

Several of my friends and I want to lease our homes during major upcoming events in Atlanta. I understand that the homeowner’s association we live in may not permit this. Should I ask for permission from the board or go ahead and advertise my home for lease online? Also, what happens if the association catches me leasing? [...]

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Lights! Camera! Action! What to Know When Hollywood Shoots in Your Community

Community association management teams - and individual homeowners – across Georgia are offering up locations for film and television production. Georgia’s concerted effort – notably the state’s enticing tax policies – has turned the Peach State into such a showbiz destination. As movie, TV, advertising, and other entertainment productions increase, more associations are contemplating requests to [...]

True Life HOA Property Management Horror Stories

From owners trashing properties and legal troubles, HOA property management can sometimes find themselves in scary situations. In this post, we are sharing some horror stories that really happened! Ka-ching: Special assessment of $7,500 just 3 days after closing! A newly married couple decided to purchase a Buckhead condominium as their first home. In the excitement of their [...]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Community Management

Some people may not make the connection between college football and community management, but those people are not diehard ‘Bama fans either. Every year, I look forward to heading to Tuscaloosa (sorry Auburn fans) to witness the energy that envelopes The University of Alabama campus like a blanket. I can’t wait to see the man [...]

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Your Community Association Management: Managing Rentals At Your Property

How many times have you been at an HOA board meeting and heard, "it's the renters who don't follow the HOA rules" or "our homeowner's association assessments are increasing because the renters don't care about our building and following the rules!" While many boards which have concluded that a limit on the number of tenant-occupied residences [...]

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