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5 Gardening Tips for Co-Existing Peacefully with Your HOA Management

Warmer weather is finally here, and many homeowners are getting into their annual lawn care and maintenance routines. Could that include gardening in your community? Check with your HOA management and neighbors. If you live in a traditional community association, chances are you have dealt with its rules and regulations. While the goal of any association is to [...]

7 Traits Community Association Leaders Can Learn from General George Patton

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” This famous quote of General George S. Patton indicated his formidable style during World War II. While Patton was a complicated military figure, there can be little debate over whether he was a quotable and admiral leader both on and [...]

Pool Season….Preparing for One of the Busiest Seasons of the Year!

Spring has arrived, which means swimming pool season is just around the corner. Pools are an attractive and important amenity for a lot of condominium and community associations since it is a facility used by so many residents - infants, retirees, families, fitness seekers, sunbathers, couples and individuals alike. As winter comes to a close [...]

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HOA Management: The Long and the Short of Short Term Rentals

Several of my friends and I want to lease our homes during major upcoming events in Atlanta. I understand that the homeowner’s association we live in may not permit this. Should I ask for permission from the board or go ahead and advertise my home for lease online? Also, what happens if the association catches me leasing? [...]

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Lights! Camera! Action! What to Know When Hollywood Shoots in Your Community

Community association management teams - and individual homeowners – across Georgia are offering up locations for film and television production. Georgia’s concerted effort – notably the state’s enticing tax policies – has turned the Peach State into such a showbiz destination. As movie, TV, advertising, and other entertainment productions increase, more associations are contemplating requests to [...]

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