Augusta Property Management Services

As the second largest city in Georgia after Atlanta, Augusta is an excellent location to own real estate property. With a population of just under 200,000 residents as of late 2017, Augusta is the primary city of the Augusta metropolitan area. This includes parts of Georgia and South Carolina divided by the Savannah River. The population of the metropolitan area is slightly more than 600,000, which makes it Georgia’s second largest. If you plan to purchase a real estate development in the Augusta area, it is best to secure property management services as early as possible.

Demographics of Augusta

Downtown Augusta is home to several historic districts that pre-date the Civil War. Many are included on the National Register of Historic Places. Located just two hours east of downtown Atlanta, the area has plenty of housing options for people who desire to live in a large metropolitan area. Augusta has nearly 85,000 housing units with a population density of 279 people per square mile.

Major Attractions in Augusta

One of the largest events that draws people to Augusta every year is the Master’s Golf Tournament. Tourists always need a place to stay when they come to town for the large golf event, with some preferring temporary housing to a hotel. The city contains seven large regional parks for people to enjoy all year long in Georgia’s warm climate. Other major Augusta attractions include the Morris Museum of Art, Symphony Orchestra Augusta, the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History, and several historic churches.

Why Choose Beacon for Property Management Services?

Investing in real estate in Augusta, Georgia, is a wise plan but it is only the first step in your new business venture. Beacon, a property management services company in Atlanta, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received recognition as one of the top 10 property management services in the Atlanta area.

Beacon specializes in assisting real estate investors to obtain and manage properties in each of Georgia’s large cities and metropolitan areas, including Augusta. We specialize in high-rise condominiums, housing units governed by a homeowner’s association, commercial condominiums, mixed-used developments, and other unique personal and commercial building structures.

What Does Our Property Management Services Entail?

At Beacon, we strive to know about and respond to a need before you even express it. We understand that every property, as well as its owner, is unique and requires a tailored approach in property management. Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Accounting: We use bookkeeping software programs to help you account for every penny you spend managing your property.
  • Itemized reporting: We go beyond merely providing the numbers and offer detailed financial reports for homeowner’s associations and other interested parties.
  • Management of vendors: Beacon staff will act as the go-between with your vendors to free up your time and then update you on any important developments.
  • Property inspections: We provide insight into how to improve your properties and avoid emergencies than can displace residents and cause you to lose income.

Congratulations on your decision to invest in real estate in Augusta, Georgia. We look forward to helping you manage it for years to come. Contact Beacon Management Services today to see how we can help you.