Atlanta Property Management

Atlanta is where southern charm and hospitality meets big city living. As the capital of Georgia, it has the highest population of any city in the state, with almost half a million residents. It’s the ninth-largest metropolitan in the country, it has a marked influence on the American economy, culture, technology, education, and entertainment. Real estate is also booming in the city of Atlanta. It’s important to have the right Atlanta property management team if you’re starting a new development.


Why Atlanta?

The city is always brimming with new things to do and activities to be involved in, from exploring rich history to enjoying modern luxuries. Atlanta is home to the Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta History Center, and the Alliance Theatre. If the city isn’t your cup of tea, there are numerous hiking trails, botanical gardens, and horseback riding trails. With restaurants boasting every cuisine and exciting events and shopping opportunities, Atlanta has something for everyone. It’s part of why many people choose to make the city their permanent home.

Housing is as diverse as the city’s population, and there are many different options to choose from for individuals and families alike. From smaller, more affordable apartments to active residential communities to large family-style houses, Atlanta has it all. It’s an ideal place to raise a family or pursue a career in one of the many lucrative industries, and the city is proud to offer top-notch educational opportunities and excellent healthcare to its residents.


Why Beacon?

Beacon Management was named one of the Top Ten Management Companies by The Atlanta Business Chronicle. We are an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau. Beacon Management Services is proud to serve as one of Atlanta’s property management companies specializing in homeowner associations, high rise condominiums, mixed-use developments, commercial condominiums, and other properties of distinction.

We work with you to concentrate on the big picture – setting policy and strategic planning – while the day-to-day operations are cared for by licensed association professionals.

Beacon Management Services is an experienced property management firm whose goal is to help improve the quality of Atlanta residents’ lives. Our Atlanta property management services offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Proactive property management. Beacon lets you know what you need before you need it.
  • Personalized service and communication. Beacon values open communication and is always available to answer your questions. We strive to provide personalized service because no two properties are the exact same.
  • Comprehensive financial and bookkeeping systems. Beacon uses top-of-the-line bookkeeping software to make sure that no penny goes unaccounted for.
  • Detailed, itemized reporting. HOA’s want to know the bottom line. Beacon creates comprehensive financial reports that are easy to understand and interpret.
  • Vendor management. Don’t spend your time dealing with vendors for your property. Beacon acts as a go-between and will keep you abreast of important details and changes.
  • On-site inspections. Beacon performs on-site inspections to spot problems before they become an emergency. Beacon also provides information on how your property can be improved year over year.

At Beacon Management, we have an excellent track record of lowering the costs of HOA insurance. We take a proactive approach to property management and are always evaluating how you can reduce your expenses and increase your ROI. Our firm handles day-to-day issues promptly, efficiently, and effectively, so property owners can relax knowing their investment is well taken care of.

We also serve the followings areas:
Downtown Atlanta
Midtown Atlanta
West Midtown Atlanta
Candler Park
East Lake
Johns Creek
Lake Lanier
Peachtree City
Sandy Springs

To learn more about how we can help you with Atlanta property management, contact us today at (404) 907-2112.